Deprogram, Reprogram, and Thrive

This is another reason people get so upset when you share some of the programs this world has manipulated us with.

They take personal offense to it.

It is not my fault, nor yours. This is a part of this world. All holy texts, and philosophies, discuss this.

Jesus called it the devils deceptions. Siddhartha Gautama called it the maya illusions, and the Hindus call it the material world. Gnostics say that this is the demiurges creation and he manipulates us here to steer us away from the true heaven.

All holy texts, and philosophies, talk about letting go of the ego. Jesus said to deny yourself and take up your cross. Siddhartha Gautama said this is merely a vessel for the spirit to move through. The Hindus say this is an avatar for the spirit. Buddhist and Hindus both teach that the ego causes suffering and separation from the spirit, and we must detach from it.

We have entered a new era. The Aquarius era. This is the time to deprogram, reprogram, and thrive

Many prophets chose a solitude life. Jesus said “there are eunuchs that become eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of God.” The Hindus have a joke that your spouse, or partner, is your worse enemy. They are the only one that has a great power over your peace and joy. They have the ability to interfere at any moment. What you feel is often times tied to what they feel.

From my personal experience, time alone is needed. It is needed during deprogramming, because how can you deprogram with people around you that support the programs? It’s important to take time alone to find your absolute peace, your unshakeable joy and gratitude, and to truly embody unconditional love. How can you be the embodiment of unconditional love with a partner, or spouse? You inadvertently will love them more than anyone else, and will drop all things to be there for them. That is not unconditional love for mankind.

If you have a spouse, partner, friends, family, around you often, it will be impossible to achieve these things. However, once you achieve them you naturally set boundaries to hold onto it. At this point you’re ready to be surrounded by people and share with them what you have experienced, and how you got there.

Being Pentecostal and Reformed in Teachings

“I’ve been saved for almost 50 years now and I’ve had the opportunity to meet some really amazing people. I’m a Pentecostal. I believe in speaking in tongues, laying hands on the sick and casting out demons. I must confess however that my biggest frustration with the Pentecostal movement has been that there is very little to no teaching at all. It’s mostly testimonies, stories, dreams and visions. Don’t get me wrong, I believe they should be part of the worship service but that is not “The Word”. I want someone to open up the Bible to me and expound on Scripture.

I love Reformed preachers. I love expository preaching. My heart is warmed when I listen to them expound on an entire book of the Bible or even a chapter. I must also confess that at times it seemed very intellectual almost like some lacked a burning heart.

This really frustrated me for a long time until one day I felt the Lord say to me, “Maybe I’ve shown you this because it’s you that I’ve called to fill the need that you see.” The past couple of years I’ve taught through entire books of the Bible and some portions of scripture.

I recently read in John 5:35, where Jesus speaks of John’s witness and it gripped my heart. He says “..He was the burning and shining lamp…” I don’t just want to burn with zeal and passion. I also want to shine. I want to bring truth and clarity to Scripture, make it understandable and shine the light on Jesus and not myself.”

Gnosis and the Law

When you apply gnosis to many of the ludicrous biblical stories and references, you will see that they do symbolically lead us to Self-knowledge. For instance, when Jesus said, “hate your mothers and fathers and follow me,” the word ‘hate’ could be a mistranslation. He was obviously saying that we sometimes have to turn away from our own family to follow our chosen spiritual path.

I’m sure some of you may have found that you cannot discuss your kind of spirituality with certain members of your family. Without the heartfelt open-mindedness of gnosis, we are often left adrift in rigid orthodoxy, or even in some of our closest relations.

Through gnosis, the spirit of the law is written in the heart and is discerned through each person’s own way of knowing. And everyone’s own truth is to be honored.

This personal way of knowing one’s spirituality is what Jesus witnessed in the assembly of ekklesia as those who came here to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, noted in the earliest biblical texts. This wisdom lives inside each of us in the depths of our being, back in behind all the “stuff” we’ve been programmed to believe.

Seal of Yahuah

It is rather humbling to have something you thought was truth, be exposed by Yahuah to have actually been a lie… This will not be received by some, and may even anger others, however, I will openly share what Yahuah has revealed to MANY that are hungering for His truth… and are humble enough in heart to repent, and receive it.

I am posting this simply to expose this LIE that originated in Babylon… It is the FALSE doctrine that the Son was our “Elohim in the flesh.” I do NOT believe this lie, and I will tell you why… First, our Messiah was born a MAN, from the lineage of David (2 Samuel 7:12-13) and the Zadok priest line (scholars have traced His mother’s lineage to the Zadok priesthood line…) when these two bloodlines that were carefully protected by Yahuah, from Yahusha’s parents came together, it made our Messiah KING of KINGS, and THE Melchizedek by inheritance… He became the first born Son (from the dead) of Yahuah upon his RESURRECTION… as we too, will be Sons and Daughters of Yahuah upon our resurrection.

Second, our Abba is an IMMORTAL, INVISIBLE, SPIRIT… He CANNOT die (1 Timothy 1:17) it is crucial we do not complicate this simple truth. In addition to this, in Numbers 23:19 not only does Yahuah make a double vow to NEVER come to earth as a MAN, but also in Hosea 11:9 Yahuah plainly tells us again that He is NOT a man, nor is He the “Son of Man” (which is a reference to the Messiah… Yahusha told us He was the Son of Man 87 times… it is a hebrew idiom for human being.)

Lastly, anyone that believes the LIE that Yahusha is Yahuah, will be given over (by Yahuah) to a depraved mind and are actually committing Blasphemy of the Set Apart Spirit… they are calling Yahuah a liar… saying that He came to Earth as a MAN and DIED! (Can He die though? 🤔 NO!!) This isn’t a joke, MANY are being DECEIVED by this lie that originated in Babylon with Nimrod dying and becoming his son Tammuz through incarnation. (Babylon is also the birthplace of Trinitarianism and basically all false doctrine.)

Those with the seal of Yahuah are openly declaring the SHEMA (Deuteronomy 6:4) that Yahuah is ONE, not a Trinity or Bi-Entity, and they are fully aware that He was NOT His Son in the flesh… The Son was one with the Father because he was in COVENANT with Yahuah… not because He was Yahuah in the flesh (He wasn’t.) This belief is no different then religious people worshipping the Beast (i.e. Jesus Christ) as “GOD IN THE FLESH…”

The only difference is, one has the true names, but you’re both still worshipping a man as God. We must look deep within ourselves and ask Abba to reveal to us whether or not we might still be misunderstanding some things… He is faithful, if we truly want it, He will shatter the foundation we thought we were solid on… but it’s always for our good!! I pray Yahuah continues to bless you with His wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, Shalom 🖤

Coming Out of Isolation

The days of christians operating in isolation is over. All believers must be engaged in a church (ekklesia is the Greek word which refers to an assembly of sons of God not the physical building) and that church must be connected to an apostle. The apostle in turn must be connected or affiliated with covenanted ties to a patriarchal apostle.

In the book of Numbers, God is revealing and redefining to us the pattern of church which comprises of spiritual families (households) that collectively form spiritual tribes. We observe that each tribe differs from the other tribes based on their mandated purpose, functions and roles although they have the same calling which is to “be fruitful, multiply and to fill the earth” with what God has corporately and uniquely mandated them for as a tribe. Individual expression of graces and execution of purpose must find its expression within the context of the tribal purpose, functions and roles.

Understanding Blood Types

People with RH Negative blood are said to have a genetic trait that is not of this world and may be the offspring of a human-extraterrestrial hybrid.

According to the Theory of Evolution, humans and apes have the same origin, and hence our blood should have evolved in the same way. Except for humans, this is true for all primates.

Rh Positive blood can be found in all primate species, while Rh Negative blood cannot be discovered in the wild. Humans are the only living things on the earth with Rh Negative blood type.

This raises the question of whether Rh Negative blood type is of alien origin or a result of a random mutation that occurred at some unknown period in human evolution. However, before we go any further, it’s crucial to understand what we mean when we talk about blood types.

The blood types
Blood is made up of red and white blood cells, as well as platelets, which are present in liquid plasma. Your blood contains antibodies and antigens that, when recognized, can tell us what sort of blood you have.

Antibodies aid in our protection by alerting our immune system to kill infections and foreign bodies, whereas antigens are present on the surface of red blood cells.

An antigen is any foreign material that causes the body to produce antibodies in response to an attack on the immune system. Because we all have certain antigens in our blood, only blood with the same antigens as ours may be used in transfusions, and these are represented by the four blood groups: O, A, B, and AB.

Each of these groupings can be Rh Positive or Rh Negative, in addition to having antibodies and antigens. The Rh factor in our blood is named after the Rhesus Monkey, which, like all other primates, only contains the Positive factor, although there is a tiny fraction of the population with a peculiar oddity.

Only roughly 15% of the world’s population carries the Rh Negative factor, and this amount is not uniformly distributed across the globe.

According to conventional history, humans departed from Africa around 200,000 years ago and dispersed around the world. So, as DNA evidence demonstrates, modern humans are derived from the earliest Africans, but this also provides important information regarding persons with Rh Negative blood type.

According to research, pure Africans who have not interacted with other mixed races do not have the Rh Negative blood type, and only around 3% of African tribes that have interacted with Europeans or Asians have this genetic signature. This number is significantly smaller in Asia, where only roughly 1% of the population has this uncommon blood type.

The gene that causes Rh Negative is most common in Caucasians, with the largest concentration found in the Basque area of the Iberian Peninsula between France and Spain, where up to 40% of the population is Rh Negative, and this is not the only distinctive attribute of the region.

The Basque people
The Basques are the only people in Western Europe who speak Euskara, a native language not spoken anywhere else in Europe or the globe. But this language is not only isolated; it is also a mystery; it has no link to other languages and its origin is unknown, prompting some to speculate about a possible relationship with an otherworldly group that may have occupied the area in the distant past.

“No one knows where the language came from; researchers have studied it for many years, but no definite conclusions have been reached.

A more mundane reason for the Basque people’s homogenous qualities is that the earliest farmers interacted with nearby hunters at the start of the agricultural revolution before isolating themselves for thousands of years, retaining their language and genetics.

Anunnaki or Nephilim
Another belief is that Rh Negative blood types are caused by the Nephilim, who are mentioned in the Bible. The Nephilim, also known as the Watchers in the Book of Enoch, descended from the skies and married with humanity, giving rise to huge angel-human hybrids.

The Great Flood would have wiped off this group of angels and their descendants, albeit some would have survived, leaving the distinction of Rh Negative blood.

Some of the curiously shaped and oblong Paracas skulls discovered in South America had red hair in an area where this hair color is not typical. The gene for red hair originated in the Middle East and Europe, and some experts, like as LA Marzulli, believe that these red skulls are related to the Nephilim.

The Anunnaki, the extraterrestrial race that helped establish ancient Mesopotamian civilizations, are said to have combined their own extraterrestrial genes with the genes of more evolved primates that lived on Earth, creating a new species of beings with formidable strength and great size, and some researchers suggest that the Rh Negative blood type would have arisen somewhere during this process.

The negative RH factor’s characteristics.
People who have the Rh Negative factor have a lower body temperature and high blood pressure, as well as stunning blue, green, or hazel eyes and red or brown hair, and their senses of sight, hearing, and smell are more sensitive, especially to sunlight.

Many persons with Rh Negative blood are born with additional ribs or vertebrae at the base of the spine, which is sometimes referred to as an “extra tail,” implying reptile qualities.

These people also have above-average intellect, a high level of empathy for others, and frequently experience inexplicable occurrences such as heightened intuition and psychic talents, sometimes accompanying feelings of being strange or out of place.

Researchers have also discovered a significant percentage of Rh Negative blood type among persons who claim to have been contacted, directly or indirectly, by extraterrestrial visitors, which some experts feel is more indication that this blood type may have alien origins.

Some Thoughts on the Ministry

This is going to be a slightly long winded and intense post….. that I want to share, it was a response to a message after being questioned during many of my posts here at The Grace Watcher Report….. I saw the comments coming in and i just looked past them because it was the most amazing conversation in the flow and i wasnt going to break the flow to engage peoples issues.

Immediately after i was tagged in a post basically saying the same things…… now heres the issue….. we probably flowed for almost many hours, literally non stop, and continuous intense fast flow….. i saw who the people were who were tuning in and watching…. they were spiritual minded people, and i saw the comments and grattitude, because of the caliber of show, and the concentration of gems and jewels being dropped without stopping….. from both sides of the convo, and it was a joy and in joy…… now at the veeeeeeery end of the 2 hours i did plug some things im doing that people can hit me up about if they are interested…..

The only reason I even am taking the time to post this, is to encourage those of you, who are having the FAITH to BREAK FREE from the 9 to 5, to STOP working for other people to survive, even if you need HELP from people in order to go through the transition….. its WORTH IT…. to follow your Heart, and find your Passion…. and lay the groundwork to ESTABLISH what will BECOME your system, creation, organization that PRODUCES WEALTH, which GENERATES time FREEDOM so you can actually FOCUS on the thinks you were BORN to DO…..

Don’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING stop you…… DO NOT LIVE for or under the oppinions of others, or you are NOT FREE…… YOU DECIDE, WHAT you are going to DO, and DO IT, and SUCCEED, KICK, FUCKING, ASS…… EXCEL…. and GET WEALTH, and BLESS PEOPLE, and HELP THEM GET FREE…. but KNOW, when THAT is your path, those who DO NOT HAVE THE FAITH to do it themself, WILL ALWAYS have something to say about it…. and THAT is the TEST (one of them) you will have to pass through if you want to succeed about your goals.

That was long already, but here is my actual response…… this whole long ass post is probably for only 2 or 3 people….. but for YOU…. its literally BREAKING YOU FREE RIGHT NOW and SOLIDIFYING IN YOU the big F U to ALL thoughts, judgements, and oppinions that want to make you DOUBT or second guess your path .

Do you get up and go to work everyday? Is it your passion? Do you think that if people could find a way to follow their passion instead of work a 9-5 thats not very satisfying that they should? And do you think if someone can help them do it, it has value? That they would gladly invest in themself, in order to transition from Job, to Calling…. and become free time wise and money wise so they can simply do what they love to do and be a blessing to others at the same time? I believe some of this….. comes from the fact, that its easy to say things, about others, if you have a pension, retirement, and cake job…… i on the other hand do not have any no pension coming , no military, no safety net, i live each and every day by faith AND I work hard to take what ive aquired from 58 years of journeying…. i walked away from 5 figures a month…. to pick up my cross and follow the spirit into the unknown, a Native American boy living in the jungles of america amongst english speaking white people….. and many other crazy ass scenarios, gave everything i own away multiple times…… to live a life, that brought me to this place of perception…. that is a blessing to many people….

people have no problem buying ciggarettes, coffee, and any number of other things…. they PAY, DAILY for shit that KILLS THEM….. but the THOUGHT nof someone PAYING or GETTING PAID, for doing something that HELPS people….. TRIGGERS them…. and then they can say, you should just do that for FREE…. which i do it FOR FREE every day, so then if i say, ok, im going to do lives every day FOR FREE to bless people, and on the side im gonna put out music (which I PAY to produce) or create a Course (that not only it took 40 years of my life to build up what i pour out so someone can SAVE A LOT OF TIME (time is money) and NOT have to get there the way i did….. OR Start a Retreat Ministry and provide transformational Adventure retreats to WORK and EARN money to take care of family and others….. and then….. THAT is a problem. I am DONE giving a SHIT, my brother, about the oppinions of other people…. straight, up. I’m being Spirit led, i know my motives and intentions….. there are people in the world making TONS of money doing DUMB ASS SHIT with it, and not helping people…. there is no reason, that same amount of money, should not be in the hands of those who have and are doing the heart work that ensures what they would do with it, is be a blessing to their human family….

LIKE the parable of the talents Jesus told, when the master left MONEY in the hands of the servants and came back to see how they managed the money, what they did with it, how they invested it….. and to those who were good stewards with the MONEY, he put them in charge of CITIES to govern. YOU may still be under the spell of this being SATANS world, im not. “Satan” tempted Jesus BEFORE the cross, and it was the temptation to be an emperor or famous, or do whatever he wanted because he could have…. but he had a role to play and mission to complete. Each person needs to know what is THEIR mission to complete. I’m not JEsus of Nazareth, I’m Paul Jones of America….. each portion of Christ is unique…. and came with a different task to complete. Mine is Music, that opens peoples eyes…..

This earth is the lords and everything in it and the whole earth including you is full of his Glory. There is no bad thing about the earth, its just a single dimension of Gods Glory….. thats why i dont get down with a lot of people and their message….. I dont believe the same way, i believe in the redemption of all things, the restoration and reconciliation of all of creation unto God, and the unification of Heaven and Earth and that this place is like a vacation and school of life. Other people can believe whatever they want…. but judging, that aint it, there free to though, if they want to go the long route of learning like i did….. to act and say Christ, Christed, Meshiach, Etc…. but still seperate and divide and call bad or evil, that which God called Good…. and Very Good…. is a trap. im gonna leave it all there hanging….. and we can talk about it another day. Im glad im getting more and more firm in me and what im doing, and not tossed back to n fro by people oppinions now. behind the scenes all the pioneers are getting closer and closer, and more entangled, collaborating, and ARE GOING TO BE more and more blessed, have businesses that prosper and bless a lot of people, and many people will sit on the sidelines judging and criticizing while they go to their jobs, buy bullshit, stick to their habits and patterns, and justify THEIR actions while always having something to say about what everyone else is doing, but theres nothing new under the sun, its always happened and always will.)

The Ego and Desire

The truth about what the ego is – is quite diabolical. If you didn’t know that Jesus was possessed and he was fighting back to become enlightened, well, as ridiculous as it sounds, it is there in the Gospel of Mary when it’s talking about the spirit of Desire. Desire is a play on words about “to want” – the spirits “want” through you.

You must destroy the ego(s) within. Any spoken thought in your mind, by that, all of what you have perceived as thought is you being led along by the dead. Those repeating songs playing the same 3 lines over and over in your head… That’s some dead guy or bimbo who’s bored and likes that song but has attention deficit disorder and can only remember so much, like 3 or 4 lines. Probably a guy but well, it doesn’t matter sometimes.

When you read the very beginning of the Gospel of Mary and the very end when the followers (not disciples as they don’t know the secrets of the kingdom of Heaven) are insulting Mary for what Jesus confided in her, she was telling them of his possession and his internal battle. His possession is tied to “Desire” who’s the spirit in his head that told Jesus, you’ve worn me like a garment but never knew I was there”.

Unfortunately, what I’m saying is true. The other unfortunate part is that there is only so much that can be done to wake someone up. The phrase “For those who have ears to hear, then hear” is alluding exactly to what I’m saying. You have to wake up, but Jesus and Mary could only focus on those who were open-minded enough to understand the diseases of their mind. The parasites of what you call your ego, are not you, but dear Lord, they’ll drive you like an old truck into the ground while you think they are you.

When you reference the Gospel of Thomas. The 1st 4 lines are not only saying you need to stop and “look here” – “here is the answer” – but the parables are spoken in such a way as if you understood that Jesus was telling you that you are possessed, you wouldn’t listen, also, he would have been stoned to death in the street where he stood for saying such a thing.

Line 3 is saying you’re going to be very disturbed when you find out the truth, but the glory in that knowledge will come in your eventual acceptance to heaven. Line 4 is talking about the act of possession, otherwise known as reincarnation. You get possessed by a bunch of old dead people when you are an infant or even an unborn child. The reason why you can’t remember all of those past lives that play around in your head is the dead idiots are toying with you, and those are not your memories, but theirs. You didn’t live before, but they can control your thoughts enough that you’ll think you did.

Read line 4 in Thomas that it’s a spirit possessing a child. The spirit lives again and the kid becomes a back seat watcher in their own life. They are not in the driver’s seat anymore.

The last part to know of true Gnosis is that the resurrection must be achieved while you are still alive. It’s not something that happens when you die. You can not get to heaven upon death, you must be judged while you are still alive.

Mary did witness Jesus’s resurrection. The early Catholic Church couldn’t write that out of the Bible, but how it happened was changed. In the Gospel of Mary chapter 5: 8-9 is the moment of her recalling the resurrection. But in line 9 Jesus replied to her saying, “thank God you’re still talking to me”. What was so awkward that Jesus would be so humble and express so much humility to his wife like that? It was his angel standing there and staring back at him and Mary. The resurrection is when you witness your angel. It’s a mirror image of you, but you with wings. You are living twice n the same moment. One of you would be a son or daughter of a “man” while that angel if you standing there would be a “son of God” as in Jesus’s example.

Raising from the dead is not to come back alive after being dead for three days, it’s waking up to the dead idiots who have been speaking as what we have perceived as our thoughts inside our heads. To fight back and not only tell them to shut up but to get the heck out is part of the process required to see your angel.

When Jesus cast out Mary’s 7 demons… It was not a miracle, it was a conversation with her about how to wake up. He had to train her in the self-identification of leading thoughts. This means, that Mary brought the knowledge of the resurrection out of Israel with her. It spread throughout France and even made it to Joan of Arc. In her final confessions, she admitted that the angels of St. Catherine and St Micheal were not the angels that she saw. It was her own.

One final clue is that the mirror image of your holy twin (your angel) is needed to resurrect. Just look at the very form of the Gospel of Thomas. Interpret the author’s name from Greek and Aramaic… Twin Holy Twin… Someone who has resurrected and who also just happened to know every word Jesus spoke. I guess that it was Jesus, Mary Magdalene, James, or Lazarus who wrote it.

Finally, in the Gospel of Philip, it says that you must resurrect while still alive. – very specific – “while still in this body”.

If you thought the Renaissance period was about art, poetry, music, and great works… Oh, they were but based on the practice of cognitive behavior therapy to fight back against your possession. There are so many works of art showing a person looking at themselves as angels or their mirror images. All signs of their resurrection. Joan’s death was the spark lighting the inferno of esoteric knowledge of the Renaissance era.

Scoff as much as you may wish, but I have already seen my angel. I hope to help those who have the ears to hear, to hear.

I’m trying to write this a little quickly as it’s so late, but I can explain in greater detail over time as it is due it’s respect and regard.

Aramaic Version of the Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer…translated from Aramaic directly into English.
Rather than from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English.

O cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration,
soften the ground of our being and carve out a space within us where your Presence can abide.

Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered to bear the fruit of your mission.

Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire.
Endow us with the wisdom to produce and share what each being needs to grow and flourish.

Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us, as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes.

Do not let us be seduced by that which would divert us from our true purpose, but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment.

For you are the ground and the fruitful vision, the birth, power, and fulfillment, as all is gathered and made whole once again.
And So It Is!