Reality of Dragons

August 8, 2019


Stars and Angels

July 27, 2019

There are according to the Bible, you know three times as many stars (2/3 more than you can visibly see) , n yes, Angelic orbs in heavens, are stars/angels… A large totality of Spirit beings and that those are the ones, the ones that we visibly physically see above us in the second Heavens is the ones that fell from heaven or got kicked out and now they’re on a lower lesser frequency range of light and that now they’re like trying they have set up a grid a matrix or system around us and above, us trapping Us in this projection, projecting an illusory realm or existence, life, body, all that onto us and around us, and we fall for it and believe in what we see with our five senses, not having knowledge or understanding and so we have to overcome them, they are our adversary or our resistance, they are the obstacle they’re the illusion the veil that’s creating all kinds of vain imaginations, in a sense of who we think we are, what reality is, who, what, where God is.

It’s Starlight it’s all star light it’s a sea of waters around us creating and projecting this world these angels are all in on it and so now there is this Discord. inharmonious reality which has two different realities that ain’t matching up. there’s one that’s all perfect eternal life No Lack or separation, or pain, no egoic individuality, no competition, no comparing and then…. there is this realm, that has all of those and so there must be some… something… in the middle, or between those two Realms that is causing an interference or causing an interruption, causing a change, causing a fallen state… A Falling Away.

The Falling Away comes from turning our back. when we Face our creator, within. our source, face-to-face. turn within and all things have the same light and Source on the other side they’re all coming forth from the same one light and source . let everything that has breath praise the Lord. the Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. one Spirit one Lord , but when any part of creation looks away and turns its back to its source and Creator Within, it looks outward and gives its attention to something else and these angels that have it out for us don’t give a f*** what we give our attention to as long as we take it off our creator and Source Within. as long as it can sever the connection, sever the tie between us and our creator Within, and give our attention to anything that appears to be or seems to be separated from or outside of our self …they’ve got us. Have us. they’ve got us weak , powerless, dependent, crippled, blind , ignorant , lame , paralyzed, sick , dead

Christ died so u can live. Became broken so you can be whole. He became a servant so you could become a Lord.
To rule over the earth, judge the angels, know God. Inherit All things… By Grace through Faith

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