Astrology is an ancient language

With each incarnation and regeneration there is a state of evolvement as man journeys around the zodiac.

The 12 houses in Astrology are symbolic to the 12 tribes of Israel. Each entity is a symbolic Jesus being raised as a sacrificial Lamb of God.

Isis, Ra, and Elohim are thrice great (Israel) in which the hermetic philosophy of reason took form in the human collective thought (aka Thoth). They are simply, archetypes of patterns with layered meaning.

Man’s navigation as a thinking being is rooted in his internal powers. He is a ship at sea. He’s an Argonaut that navigates and networks in and with time.

The human being has cells which communicate and show him that heaven is a ‘state of mind’. When the mind, body, and Spirit are attuned with God, Is-ra-el is known.

Israel is therefore the collective truth seeker who recognizes the planets and luminaries are notable patterns of law in which to understand the internal world and connection to all there is.

What man sees with each regeneration is the reflection of the Moon, a pattern of his emotions. His haplo-group!

The moon pulls on is his inner medium of water which makes up most of his body.

Man in his wisdom understands the Sun and Moon are his vital life force. Both the moon and sun are cyclic and in man’s wisdom he quickly discovers, as above, so below is true.

Christian Consciousness.

The Christian Consciousness is the Consciousness of the “Christ”, understanding Christ as the reality of the Divine presence we each carry inside. It is the consciousness of your divine essence, living inside you, waiting for you to be aware of it, reminding you that you are one with All that exists, that you are pure Consciousness, pure Love, the Being…

It is to awaken deeply the Heart, finding in its bowels something infinite, immeasurable, which helps remind the human being that he is One with the Holy Source, that Love is his true nature, and compassion his natural state of living, by being all part of the same Unique essence. This is how delivery and service is born to awaken with greater intensity this Consciousness in oneself and help its awakening in humanity.

Long ago there was talk of a second coming of this Consciousness to Earth, at this time, the end of one Era and beginning of another, and that this time would be not only through one person but through many human beings who would remember their Be and would dedicate their lives to the Service that this opening would expand on the Earth.

And so it is happening. In this time of great spiritual awakening, there are many children, young people and adults who are awakening this seed in their hearts to favor change, and others committed to waking it up when the time comes.

The second coming of Christ is a “transformation” of the human consciousness, an awakening to the essential loving and divine nature of each person within, a step to live from the mind to the heart, to the essence, to the Being.

It’s something that is happening on a large scale, perhaps because this next step globally is necessary for humanity in its evolutionary development and for the Earth. That is why it is and always was, and more so at this time, our most important individual task the disidentification with how we take in this life: physical, energetic and mental; and the practice of focusing consciousness on who we truly are and we are, our essential nature, the Being, our spiritual dimension, thus bringing this seed to planetary consciousness and humanity.

Some Gnostic Ideas

The Gnostic teachings differ greatly in many respects. They are different in style, attitude towards the Demiurge, description of the Divine drama. But they are very close in understanding the main thing:

Pneumatic person is above Demiurge’s ‘tiny cage’ of flesh, and above the cosmic Creator as he/she carries in him- herself the understanding of a different, true, and perfect world. ‘Through knowledge, then, is saved the inner, spiritual man; so that to us suffices the knowledge of universal being: this is the true salvation,’ Valentinus maintained.

Gnosis made individuals self-sufficient, allowing them to exist where life was empty, pointless, and finite.

This particular vision, free from myths and exaltation of separate teachings, allowed followers to speak about the uniqueness of the Gnostic ideal irrespective of epoch, culture, and circumstances.

Christ Centric Ability

I AM currently, going through the process of completely dissolving most of what I have known.

I Honor Jesus as the Door through which, the IMAGE through which… the Word, through which… I came to believe in Unconditional Love, Eternal Life, and Oneness with Source/Creator….

However, what I am now re-imagining, is EVERYTHING ELSE.

From That perspective or mindset…. in what way I view, engage, interact… with “Creation”… which has always been within the mind and heart of Love.

How do you perceive your Earth body? As an obstacle? As a problem? As a trap? As a limitation? As inanimate matter? As alive? As intelligent? As responsive? As an extension of the Earth? As a house that does noy only house the Father/Spirit… but also the Mother/Wisdom? As a blessed experience and journey? As a Temple? As a living organism? As a universe?

How do you perceive the Universe/Creation/Earth beneath your feet? Reread list from above about body….

What you decide and say, determines your experience of such…. so maybe once you make up your mind about…. “Father”…. the next thing you need to do… is make up your mind… about… the “other”.

Everything is about relationship, association, and the way we view… what we believe, is the door to what we experience.

No offense, but almost all Christians I have met, do not have the connection with their body, Earth, universe that inspire me, or reveal a true relationship, or display a Love for it that impresses…. it’s more about dominating, about doing, about forcing, or coercing… controlling…. and that is what many marriages are like as well….

I’m looking for the christ-centric ability to walk within the universe in communion with both source and his expression…. to

have relationship with the elements, animals, and the intelligent field pervading all things…. from the perspective of being One with Source/Christ….

A dance…. an embrace… a conversation

Anarchist Church

‘We are under the impression that whenever someone inquires for an “anarchist church”, they are asking if there is a denomination or if there is some corporate building with pews and a pulpit and a baptistry and an offering plate where, once a week, they sing hymns that may or may not be about anarchy and listen to sermons that may or may not be about anarchy, and just generally all self-identify philosophically as anarchists, but do not really seek the Kingdom or love their neighbor or live in salty/bright obedience to God and perform Christ’s social and political ordinances. This is the reality of the vast majority of institutions that proudly call themselves churches. They are taking the Lord’s name in vain, by claiming to belong to him while actively doing the will of the enemy by perverting the truths of Scripture into an amalgam of palatable falsehoods that have created an innocuous, liturgical social club. When most people think of the word church, they are imagining whitewashed catacombs on just about every street corner in America.

What passes for christianity these days (and centuries past) is just as lost as what it, itself, calls “the lost”. Most of those who think they have “arrived” at the destination of Christianity are asleep and dreaming on the wrong train, headed in the opposite direction.

For instance, when one outsources their responsibility to the first greatest commandment to some sophist clergyman, their heart grows cold towards God. It does not matter if they associate with people who love the Lord their God with their “pastoral” profession and with the “tithes” of the people. The pursuit of “loving the Lord your God, with all of your heart, soul, and mind” is best exercised in your daily life, at home, as a family, learning about the deep things of God by his Spirit and word, rather than in a compartmentalized, weekly, anaerobic routine.’

Signs of Your Salvation

  1. Your Prayers Are Answered

Psalm 34:15 says, ‘The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry; the face of the Lord is against those who do evil’.

Put simply, before you become a Christian, your sins act as a barrier between you and God. If you can think back to a time, even if it has been a while, when you know you received an answer to your prayers, be glad, for it’s proof that you are saved.

  1. You Have Been Disciplined

Nobody likes to be chastised, but it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness. Just like an earthly mother or father will correct his or her son or daughter, God does the same to us. Hebrews 12:6 says, ‘because the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son’.

  1. You Keep God’s Commands

Jesus said in John 15:14, ‘you are my friends if you do what I command’. If at no time you can remember earnestly wanting to please God, you may not have actually become a Christian. You can read this post to find out how to be saved without a doubt.

Though it is entirely possible for Christians to backslide, there will be a sense of nagging in your spirit, telling you to repent. You may have even ignored these signs for a time. Nevertheless, unbelievers don’t have these road signs, cautioning them to turn around

  1. Your Desires Are Changed

1 Peter 4:3-4 says, ‘For you have spent enough time in the past doing what pagans choose to do – living in debauchery, lust, drunkenness, orgies, carousing, and detestable idolatry. They are surprised that you do not join them in their reckless, wild living, and they heap abuse on you’.

Long story short: you no longer choose to be a drunkard, going to clubs, fooling around with different men, or whatever it is you used to do. If you find that absolutely nothing has changed within, you may have cause to believe you aren’t a Christian.

I want to note that nobody is going to be perfect, and that we all continue, to some degree, to sin. It isn’t about perfection but about a noticeable difference before and after our conversion.

  1. You Are Hungry for God’s Word

If you find that you are never interested in reading the Bible, there may be a problem. 1 Peter 2:2 says, ‘like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation’.

1 John 2:14 indicates that there is a progression of spiritual maturity from children unto fathers, and this happens from feasting on the word. If you find yourself missing your quiet times and after some time, it does not feel right, it is likely because you are becoming spiritually malnourished, proving that you are a Christian.

  1. You Can Fellowship with Other Believers

We are commanded to not forsake the gathering of ourselves together, and the Bible says that those who hate their brothers and sisters continue to walk in darkness. If you find a common understanding and ability to, generally, fellowship with other believers, this is a sign you truly have been saved.

  1. Spiritual Warfare

It’s often been said that those who don’t run into the devil are walking the same way. If you can point to persecutions in your life, trials, and troubles, these are part of the life of a born-again Christian.

1 Peter 4:12 says, ‘Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you’. If this describes your experience, take heart. 1 Peter 5:10 says, ‘And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered for a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm, and steadfast’.

  1. You Can Bear Fruit

Children of God do not strive to produce works in the flesh, but they bear fruit much in the same way a tree will, naturally and in seasons.

These deeds come from God, himself, as Ephesians 2:10 says, ‘for we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them’. if you’ve ever felt nudged to do something or are yearning to use your talents in a particular way, this is because God put these desires in you for His glory.

  1. You Endure Pruning

This part hurts, but it is all a part of the Christian process. Every tree that bears fruit must have its branches clipped to ensure more growth. This is often painful, but it means that resources won’t be wasted on nonproductive shoots.

If you’ve lost friendships or have had to move away from things that you’ve loved, or had other difficulties, it can be because the husbandman wants to make sure you have sufficient energy to give to that which is most important. You can expect God to cut things back in your life so that you will be even more ready for good works, much like a tree must be pruned in order to be healthy.

You will be a part of the visible church showing you love Christ and His body and bride.

Without these signs you have no confidence in your salvation because there is no sign of the working of the Holy Spirit within you. No none of them will be perfect but you will see them operating in your life.

God and Energy

God is energy; as are we. We are of the light and God is the light. The saying God is in all of us is because our creator used its own essence to create each and every one of us. We are created from God. This universe may seem infinate and it is but still with that being true this plane of existence is nothing more then a grain of sand inside the almighty.

This realm of existence is one of many forms of existence (classrooms, experiences, training facilities, etc.), each with their specific lessons and we are here to learn. This realm was originally created as a gift to learn and understand what it is to be parents and raise children, i.e. a creator. There was what we would describe a “war” of sorts in heaven (Gods direct presence).The “war” was due to individuals being disrespectful, ungreatful, jealous, envious, demanding, and ultimately a rising up of individuals defiance to our creator. This gift of existence is now used in a tough love mannerism.

We are to prove ourself worthy to once again stand in the presence of God or cease to exist; depending upon if we honor or betray the creator by the choices, decisions. and way in which we live our lives. The bowing, groveling, begging, gaslighting, apologizing without changing, etc. the religions have tought is a farce and intentionally meant to destroy as many souls as possible as the leaders of this world have aligned themselves with darkness and evil. Prayer, meditation, a personal conversation with our creator is done within our mind wherever and whenever we choose; not in a building of “worship”.

Energy is transfered, not created or destroyed; correct? We are light, energy, frequency, vibration, etc. temporarily taking human form in order to exist here (avatar but it is real). What makes us individuals is consciousness. HONOR THE CREATOR and live an eternal life, betray him and your consciousness will be destroyed/erased (ending you the individual self) and your energy recycled to create a new being who will have the same opportunity. Many individuals confuse that with reincarnation but once your consciousness is erased you are over.

We are positive energy created to be good, not evil. Free will which is the freedom of choice is yours to decide your own eternal fate. Each individuals experience might be shared amongst the worthy as a lesson but YOU (your consciousness) cease to exist. The single consciousness, hive mind, borg concept is that of misunderstanding, weakness, and desperation.

The idea that if you fail to honor God you get to try over and over and over and over again without consequence has been intentionally mistold. “Jesus” (the story has been told many times over and with many different names for the savior who died for our sins) died on the cross for our sins so eat drink and be married for tomorrow we may die attitude and all you have to do is say a few hail Mary’s and a few our Father’s and all is forgiven is blasphamy. “Jesus” did die so the one who judges all souls will be fair on the innocent ones who died before their time or who died because of circumstances beyond their control.

We are not expected to be perfect by any means, but we are here to try and be the best version of ourselves we can be amd each of us are in control of our own destinies. The concept religion has created (man made) is nothing more then an excuse and subsequently a trap to escape accountability and responsibility. Abusing the gift of life will be your individual demise. The great lie perpetuatd by the fallen is to be fully exposed. Those individuals aiding the fallen for power, money, popularity, etc. aka ego will fall with them and receive the same fate. It’s almost time for the great event, incorrectly but more commonly called the rapture. The last war on earth is that of spirituality. Big brother is already here.

The Power From Within

In light of the increasing onslaught being thrust upon humanity, I just want to remind you all of the innate power you have within, to rise above these assaults and stop them penetrating into your energy field.

Whilst it is paramount that we all take care of our physical vessel, in order to strengthen our defences on a basic biological level, we should also never underestimate the power of a positive mindset and the importance of maintaining a state of peace, calm, optimism and faith, no matter what is thrown at us from the outside.

Most importantly we must remain free of fear, because this truly is the biggest entry point for dark inference. Fear weakens both our physical and spiritual immune systems. We can actually end creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, whereby we end up inviting the very thing that we are fearful of, by mere virtue of placing our (negative) focus upon it. The predatory forces are aware of this, which is why they pummel fear into the collective consciousness, through various forms of subliminal mind-control programming.

Whilst it important to be aware of the negative agendas, it is wise to remain free from emotional reactivity, especially when this is rooted in fear, hatred or rage. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy righteous anger, which can be channeled into courage and right action, however there is a fine line between controlled anger and untamed rage. One can be used to motivate us and energise, whilst the other merely sows the seeds of further division and drains us of our vital resources.

We are all much more powerful than we dare to imagine possible. At the core of our being, we are endowed with a fierce strength and fiery spirit, which the forces of evil secretly envy, hence why they work so tirelessly to try and suppress us. If we were not useful to them, then they would not need to spend their entire lives seeking ways to parasite off our consciousness. Yes they would rather that there was much less of us, in order to give them a better chance of achieving global dominion, but in truth we are the sustenance that keeps these cretins alive. We are their food source. Without us they perish and wither away back into the depths of darkness, from whence they came. They need us. We do not need them. If more of us could only realise this simple truth, then the power dynamics would shift right back to the natural place in which they belong…at the heart of each of us.

If you are ever feeling powerless or helpless, take time to turn your attention inwards. Deepen the connection to your heart, through exercising compassion and empathy for all life. By doing this, you literally become a conduit for love, which promotes health and healing on all levels of your being. In truth, your heart is thousands of times more electromagnetically powerful than your brain and acts as a powerful shield, which the darkness simply cannot penetrate.

Also take the time to deepen your connection to your spirit. This will remind you that you are more than mere flesh and bone, but a divine being, with limitless power and potential. By zooming out and shifting your awareness back onto the bigger picture, you will be guided by the remembrance that this fleeting human experience is but a mere speck of time across an infinite spectrum of existence.

It may feel like there is no end to the pain, struggle and hardships, which your sensitive soul has been made to endure, whilst living in this dense and corrupted earthly domain. But find comfort and strength in the knowing that you are more than all of this. At your core, you are a limitless being of light, who can illuminate and purify all darkness that dares come close to you.

Many are Coming Out

The church has been experiencing a mass exodus, not out of Egypt but out of Babylon. It is not going to be a billion soul harvest of unbelievers, but of believers who have been locked into a Babylonian Christianity. I see so clearly, the Lord Jesus Christ leading the billion soul harvest of men and women out of Babylonian Christianity. It is going to be a mass exodus of the likes we have never seen before. Your title in Babylon will not matter, for many “titled” people are hearing the call to come out of her my people and they will not miss the opportunity to leave.

Babylon is a place of mixture, mingling, confusion and division of language. People are exhausted by this Babylonian Christianity, they have known the task master, and no matter what they do, say or pray, nothing seems to change. Babylonian Christianity has wearied the saints, lulled them to sleep, and has burned them out. The doors to Babylonian Christianity are going to open and a billion souls are going to come out. We have heard 2 Chronicles 7:14, if My people who are called by my name…but the Lord said, that is not the verse for now, the verse for now is come out of her my people. Come out, the doors, the gates, the windows are going to open and you are going to be lead out of her My people, by the Lord Himself, just like God used Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt, God is using Jesus Christ to lead His people out of Babylonian Christianity.

We have seen a trickling of this, but we are about to see the floodgates open and the people are going to come out by the millions. Babylonian Christianity is over, it is about to fall once and for all and the people of God are about to enter the kingdom of God in a massive way. This is not an exodus from Egypt, this is an exodus from Babylonian Christianity. Those who came out ahead of time will train and equip those coming out in this mass exodus, to do the work of the ministry of the kingdom. A whole new world is about to unfold as the billion soul harvest comes out of Babylonian Chistianity into the kingdom of God of the likes we have never seen before.

Temple Church

Complete restoration of His Temple (Corporate Church as well as on an individual level) is a gradual process happening since the fall of Adam. God started restoration with our spirits, then with our souls then with our bodies. The three Feasts of Israel reveal to the corporate church the divine plan and purpose of God in divine restoration. It charts a timeline and course for the purpose of the corporate church on earth. As the Body corporate we don’t practice the rituals of the three Israeli feasts nor do we engage in Israeli ceremonial feasts. Rather we extract the divine principles that are inherent in the three feasts; I.e. Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. These divine principles have a lot to teach us about God’s plan and purpose of restoration of the Body corporate (church corporate or Corporate Son).