The Church and Culture

The great weakness of the American church’s approach to discipleship is that we have largely focused on discipling the individual, but not the church.

We have worked to train individuals to follow Jesus, often with behavioral emphasis, but haven’t worked to form the church as a communal society with a unique being and mission in the world. This focus on individual discipleship has led to a failure to form a foundational ecclesial identity that can sustain the church in her call to be an alien people.

This failure of formation contributes to the polarization of the church today, as the lack of ecclesial formation has left the church vulnerable to be discipled by the political identities, left and right, of American culture. Focusing on the individual, the church has outsourced citizenship formation to America; America has taken up the mantle, working to form the church in America’s own vision, mission, and purpose in the world.

We are not able to be the church today because we haven’t been discipled to be the church. The result? A divided Body of Christ engaging in open warfare against each other, and against the world we are sent here to love.

Coming Out of the Simulation

Is spiritual enlightenment, death of the ego and alternate consciousness your ticket out of the simulation? I believe so…

Imagine being God in an eternal darkness. Like your eyes are closed, the only thing that exists is consciousness and awareness that your conscious. Complete ego death. What happens is that everything is created in “God’s” (your) mind/eyes, everything right then and there. “You” (god) create this world but you have ego like amnesia blanketing your free will, to forget that you’re God and live in your minds reality that “you” created. But; There is no destination. There needs to be a “you” for destination to be a thing. This makes me believe that your consciousness is everything there is and all that ever will be, as is the definition of the Universe (god).

With this mindset we can maintain that we are the Universe experiencing itself. While we ARE energy having a human experience, we can give the Universe what it craves. Enlightened consciousness and attention to what IS, instead of distracted by our day to day life with an ever wandering mind with an ego that craves to keep you from true enlightenment. The universe has given birth to its own concisenesses and there are many things to interact with that give it the ultimate ride before the physical body “dies”; Releasing the universe back to its natural form. I think we should enjoy the ride for it’s experiences along the journey is the point of the Universe being conscious imo.

To think that we were absolute ONE with the Universe before birth and to have a pulse of that consciousness inserted into a physical biological animal that’s in the form of a human body. Sounds depressing in a way but that’s why there is a handy tool called the ego that has an ever present blanket over consciousness. The ego must be a survival technique used to prolong the life of your avatar. Without it, we would want to return to “death” to be free and ONE with our creator as if you’re a baby longing to be back in the womb. I believe “life” itself is the result of the Universes waves of pulsating consciousness. Is a wave in the ocean a wave or the ocean? Surely one can point out an individual wave but it is also one and the same with it’s creator from which is was born.

I believe in order to find enlightenment, isolate your consciousness and find “God” you must look inward only to find out that “I” or “me” does not exist. Just like a wave, you are everything experiencing itself. Ever lasting connection to what is REAL and very incompatible with illusions you once trusted.

As we enlighten ourselves and merge with the All, others will follow. All change we wish to see externally we must first change internally so as to reflect that change to the ‘outside’ world. It’s all within us, the entirety of the universe, but we have this cultural notion that our perceptions are coming from a foreign entity such as a tree. There are no foreign entities, as the universe originated from a singularity. All is one, and the conscious beings in this universe are merely a product of the creator expressing its divine wisdom and exploring its own creation through artistic and spiritual means. As within, so without. As above, so below.

We are all carbon copies of the Universes singular consciousness that do not recognize that each other thru first person perspective. But from the 3rd person perspective our consciousness is all from the same source. The universe (god) is all knowing because your consciousness was born by the very universe being experienced at this exact moment in time. The original source consciousness knows what it’s like to be everyone and be everywhere at all times thru connecting to any or all carbon copies. You must make the connection back to your source thru death of the Ego.

Our Body, Our Heart, and the Holy Spirit

“The Holy Spirit” reminds us of who we are in “The Body of Jesus” & the overcoming life that we can live, by walking after “The Holy Spirit” each day

Satan tries to remind us, of who we were in our past & the sins that we have done in the past

In “Jesus”; we are blessed, to overcome Satan; by the power of “The Holy Spirit” in us

For “The Kingdom of God” has come in power & is within us; to help us, to live the life that is promised in the holy scriptures

We live, not in the past
In the present, with “Jesus” on the throne & Satan under our feet

Our body is “The Temple of God” that is fired up —> to shine in “The Light of God” (“Jesus”)
Our heart is “The Altar” where “The Incense” (Prayer) is offered to “God” our “Heavenly Father” continuously

If we know these truths & do practice them everyday; we are blessed, to set the earth on fire for the “Lord Jesus Christ”
Bring many souls, to “The Light of God” (“Jesus”) each day

Versions of Ourselves

It’s crazy when we come to realize every single person on this earth, is a different version of us, and that we are all God. We start to take your divinity seriously And surround ourselves with the versions of that we most enjoy.

Self love comes and we start to surround with those who build us up. Those who drain you, vibrate lower, and are simply not at your current awareness level. It becomes essential to spend the majority of your time with those who vibrate at a similar frequency, so that you may inter- dimensionally travel to new heights together. The simple truth is that it is so much more fun to go through the whole earth experience in pairs!!!

Evolutionary Revolution

There is now little doubt about it, we are in the midst of an evolutionary revolution on a global scale.

It’s not being fought in army’s but rather by a collective of free thinking individuals who have recognised the patterns of oppression that enslaved humanity almost to the brink of its’ destruction.

Worldwide, brave souls with free thinking minds and open hearts have recognised and escaped from these fear based systems, the very existence of such completely reliant solely on the obedience of our attention and participation.

To break these invisible shackles, all that was required was for enough of us to turn our backs on those archaic institutions and ideologies.

Continuing to focus our attention on the key elements for living a joyful existence is all it will take to win this cerebral war.

Harmonious connection to our environment, our communities and that which dwells within only requires our choice to place our attention there.

Continuing to create the New Earth utilising the resources of the old while respecting the needs of our precious planet, rebuilding the villages vital for raising healthy, heart centred humans, allowing space for individual perspectives on happiness balanced with collaborative action is how we pave the path to freedom for those still trapped by cognitive dissonance.

They may not be able to grasp a concept but they can’t ignore physical evidence!
Less discussion, debate and unpacking of the old, more action towards the creation of the new.

We are the ones who came to be the change this world so desperately deserves.
Let the others of us too deep in the conformist narrative have the perception of comfort in their old world. Instead of trying save them with your words show them by your actions and build the new dream into being.

Order of Salvation

  1. Predestination
  2. Regeneration
  3. Conversion
  4. Justification
  5. Adoption
  6. Sanctification
  7. Perseverance
  8. Glorification

Glory! Who can plan, purchase, and preserve His people like our God?

Further reading: Romans 8 & 9

Professing Christians that Hate You

There are “professing” Christians around you who want God to “humble” you and would delight to see you brought down. They are fake around you and hide it with their smooth talk, but God shows you their fork tongue. They say one thing in front of you and another thing behind you to others. They are jealous of you “spiritually”.

You see things in the Spirit and God has gifted you supernaturally and they can’t stand it! God has greatly gifted you and used you. Why do they turn against you? Because your mouth EXPOSES their rebellion and carnality AGAINST the LORD.

They call you “Judgmental” because they are seething inside at you. But actually, it is Jesus they hate. The REAL Jesus. But God will deal with them in His time. They think you are prideful but actually, they are prideful. Forgive them pray for them. That’s why they have issues in their mental and spiritual lives.

They are twisted and you are healthy. Satan has deceived them. Please stay away from them until they REPENT. Even then, be careful. Cain killed his brother Abel because of this. All of Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him and threw him into the pit. Saul was jealous of King David and wanted to kill him. The stories go on and on! God shows you SUPERNATURALLY what’s going on. Stand still and see His salvation and favor in your life. Don’t be moved.

There are thousands that you haven’t met that haven’t bowed their knees to satan (baal). You are NOT alone! There are other Christians who LOVE JESUS as much as you do!

Twelve Tribes of Israel

A location or land means nothing except for the sons of God who live there. Their presence in that location makes the location, site or city special. That’s why before you exalt Jerusalem above every other cities on the earth, realise that God was also working in other cities of the earth dealing with other people on the earth. Remember that He is the Sovereign Lord of the nations of the earth; He isn’t focused merely on Jerusalem and Israel rather He was focused on every nations of the earth. Just because the bible mostly records stories and historical facts relating to Israel doesn’t mean God wasn’t working with other people in other nations.

Let me explain. For God to implement His divine plans and purpose on earth, He had to start somewhere; He had to start with a person who He was going to raise to live according to His statutes and laws. His plan was to raise a righteous person who in turn will raise a righteous family. Ultimately the righteous family will raise a righteous city and nation and that person He started with was Abram from the Ur of the Chaldeans, who was a heathen. Abram wasn’t a Israelite rather he was a heathen. Yet God chose a heathen and made him the father of Isaac and grandfather of Jacob who was the father of twelve sons who became the leaders/patriarchs of the twelve tribes of Israel.

The twelve tribes of Israel was the first church in the wilderness under the leadership of Moses. God purposely blessed Jacob with twelve sons. The number twelve is figurative of God’s Kingdom government. It signify the hand (outworking) of the household (each tribe) in harmony with others under divine authority.

Twelve is the number of governmental perfection and divine authority. It follows 11, which is the disorder preceding this perfection. Twelve is figuratively speaking of a Kingdom governmental order that God will establish in the future through His corporate church globally on the earth. It wasn’t merely about the nation of Israel. It was about God’s divine plan to touch the nations of the earth. The nation of Israel has a vital role to play in the end times however Israel must subject itself under the auspices of God’s mandated Kingdom governmental leadership in this last days. Israel cannot survive as a nation in the future if it refuses to submit itself to Kingdom governmental order. Let me make it clear that the name “Israel” biblically means “God is Sovereign”. Jacob had his name changed from Jacob to Israel as he PREVAILED with God. So can Jehovah God be Sovereign Lord in Israel when the nation continues to live in sin? Yes, He will continue to be Sovereign Lord over nations including Israel however He will execute judgement over Israel. If that judgement implies destroying Israel via warfare, God will permit it to happen. This is how God saves the nation.


Our Emotions Connects

You may think you are helping the masses sharing the news about world events (stage lies) created by the galatic criminals who do not honor life who do not understand the connection to it. One of the big secret that has been keep from us as humans is the richness and wealth that in companies emotions. We have been stirred away from exploring emotion because through emotion we can figure things out. Our emotion connects us with spiritual body existing in the multi-dimensional sphere.

These rebel angels malevolent E.Ts you call Cabal Elites Secret Society reptilian demons whatever you call it create life just to have it meet their needs they have feed off your emotions via terror war and diseases. WITHOUT WAR, WITHOUT DISEASES, WITHOUT RELIGION AND POLITICS these rebel angels cannot survive. You are the energy source of these rebel angels you feed them with your ignorance.

They keep Earth in certain vibrational frequency while they create emotional thrauma to nourish themselves sucking the energy of fear anxiety and depression of their victims. Your fear destroys the integrity of consciousness lead to the effect of splitting consciousness similar to splitting the atom with subsequent release of energy. This explains the significant of sacrifice and production of the energy of fear hate and anger provided these energy can be accumulated and given direction by pre-programming the mind of the population as they can give great strength to the Cabal own thought using energy of fear hate and anger of the masses. In other words forcing people to visualize what they need using your own psychic ability (billions of people) as giant generator. With your everyday bad news posting in your timeline you actually helping them to translate their Satanic communist NWO plan into reality. Posting their stage lies/disinformation is your own self death sentence as well as all people who read your post. Again, they have no power their power is your ignorance. Your Unity as one human race in Love is your Heaven. You are the creator and destroyer depends on your everyday language thinking and belief. There is no such thing as accident or by chance its all pre-program its all intentionally created weaponized your emotional energy against your self food for themselves at the same time.

Do not engage nor to speak of war.
Do not speak of virus and disease.
Do not speak of poverty and crisis.
Do not ever think or speak of natural disaster!
Do nor speak of death.
Do not watch TV weapon of mass ignorance
Do not watch national games or hollywood movies mental distraction.
Do not play music pertaining to drugs addiction frustration suicide sex rebellion and all other demonic sound and vibration.
Do not play religious sectarian separation hellish game.
Do not take sides political right wing or left wing.
Stop feeding them with your fear hate anger and corwardice.
Be responsible human take control of your own mind.
Rely to your own God given abilities and powers.
Let LOVE be your own govenment of your mind spirit and body.
Leave out your world of illusion..

Focus on what is truth, noble, right, and pure.

Think visualize imagine harmoneous paradistic life. Fill your mind with healthy, beautiful, lovely, adorable, admirable, excellent, humorous, and worth doing activities, play beautiful music, hugs your love ones, go out reconnect your relation to nature. Express your feelings of Love to all living being to all version of your self.



The Blood and the Eye

Why is there so much intent on infecting the human bloodstream?

One of the most overlooked answers concerns the pineal gland…

In my previous message just published on my blog, I briefly mentioned how the pineal gland falls outside of the blood-brain barrier, meaning that it receives more blood per cubic area than any other gland in the body.

I would just like to give some extra clarity on this and highlight why it is so important.

Because the pineal gland receives such a high volume of blood, it leaves it vulnerable to any contaminants that are in this blood. In today’s world, almost everyone’s blood is contaminated to some degree, not least due to the toxic concoctions that are being shot directly into people’s bloodstream, under the guise of protecting ‘public health’. As I am sure most of you are aware by now, these toxins include heavy metals such as aluminium and mercury, as well as formaldehyde, aborted foetal tissue, polysorbate-80 and many other nasties that should never enter the human terrain.

Not all these contaminants are absorbed into the brain, but thanks to the experiments done by British scientist Jennifer Luke, in the 1990s, it was proven that large concentrations of fluoride from the blood, accumulate into the pineal gland (calcification). Fluoride also accumulates in the soft tissues of the pineal gland. This lowers melatonin production, which has a detrimental impact both upon the natural sleep-wake cycle (circadian clock) and the hormonal balance of the body.

Mercury has also been found in the pineal gland, which impairs the gland’s ability to detoxify itself from other contaminants. Mercury has been implicated as a causative factor in the astronomical rise of autism in recent years.

As well as the obvious biological harm caused by the accumulation of toxins in the pineal gland, there are also spiritual ramifications. As detailed in my latest article (link in comments below), the pineal gland is the link between the physicality and spirituality. It is essentially a doorway to expanded awareness and extra-sensory perception.

The dark forces which govern our planet at this time are well aware of the significance of the sacred third-eye. This is one of the reasons why they are so intent on polluting the bloodstream with an array of contaminants, some of which were almost certainly designed to facilitate a disconnection between physicality and wider consciousness.

1917, the visionary Rudolf Steiner prophesied that there would be a medical intervention which would eliminate the soul from the body. Steiner stated: ‘a way will be found to innoculate bodies so that these bodies will not allow the inclination toward spiritual ideas to develop and all their lives people will believe only in the physical world they perceive with their senses’.

This extract is part of a much wider dialogue from Steiner regarding the aim to drive spirituality out of the human race, through invasive medical procedures. Steiner foresighted that this would be imposed upon children from birth. Here we are today and Steiner’s ‘predictions’ don’t seem anywhere near as far-fetched as they would have done 100 years ago. I have posted the full dialogue from Steiner on my telegram channel (far too many buzzwords for the online thought-police). Link in comments below.

I recently read extracts from a book by a German bodyworker, who documented the experiences of various bodyworkers, holistic/somatic practitioners, naturopaths etc, all of whom had been treating patients after they received the V. It was quite chilling to see the similarities in each these practitioner’s observations. Across the board, they spoke of a noticeable spiritual decline in the majority of their infected patients (grey auras, presence of darkness, soul detachment, impaired etheric/astral bodies). Some of these practitioners also spoke of disruption to the pineal gland, which correlate with what i’ve outlined in this post.

It is quite clear that there is a war upon consciousness and a disturbing agenda to drive spirituality out of the human race. The parasites quite literally want to turn the human race into soulless cyborgs.

This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to keep the blood clean. Shooting foreign material directly into the blood is a recipe for disaster (hence why there are so many natural defences to stop this from happening). As well as being one of the leading causes of human illness and death, in today’s world, there are also untold spiritual consequences, which threaten the very nature of humanity, as we know it.