God is energy; as are we. We are of the light and God is the light. The saying God is in all of us is because our creator used its own essence to create each and every one of us. We are created from God. This universe may seem infinate and it is but still with that being true this plane of existence is nothing more then a grain of sand inside the almighty.

This realm of existence is one of many forms of existence (classrooms, experiences, training facilities, etc.), each with their specific lessons and we are here to learn. This realm was originally created as a gift to learn and understand what it is to be parents and raise children, i.e. a creator. There was what we would describe a “war” of sorts in heaven (Gods direct presence).The “war” was due to individuals being disrespectful, ungreatful, jealous, envious, demanding, and ultimately a rising up of individuals defiance to our creator. This gift of existence is now used in a tough love mannerism.

We are to prove ourself worthy to once again stand in the presence of God or cease to exist; depending upon if we honor or betray the creator by the choices, decisions. and way in which we live our lives. The bowing, groveling, begging, gaslighting, apologizing without changing, etc. the religions have tought is a farce and intentionally meant to destroy as many souls as possible as the leaders of this world have aligned themselves with darkness and evil. Prayer, meditation, a personal conversation with our creator is done within our mind wherever and whenever we choose; not in a building of “worship”.

Energy is transfered, not created or destroyed; correct? We are light, energy, frequency, vibration, etc. temporarily taking human form in order to exist here (avatar but it is real). What makes us individuals is consciousness. HONOR THE CREATOR and live an eternal life, betray him and your consciousness will be destroyed/erased (ending you the individual self) and your energy recycled to create a new being who will have the same opportunity. Many individuals confuse that with reincarnation but once your consciousness is erased you are over.

We are positive energy created to be good, not evil. Free will which is the freedom of choice is yours to decide your own eternal fate. Each individuals experience might be shared amongst the worthy as a lesson but YOU (your consciousness) cease to exist. The single consciousness, hive mind, borg concept is that of misunderstanding, weakness, and desperation.

The idea that if you fail to honor God you get to try over and over and over and over again without consequence has been intentionally mistold. “Jesus” (the story has been told many times over and with many different names for the savior who died for our sins) died on the cross for our sins so eat drink and be married for tomorrow we may die attitude and all you have to do is say a few hail Mary’s and a few our Father’s and all is forgiven is blasphamy. “Jesus” did die so the one who judges all souls will be fair on the innocent ones who died before their time or who died because of circumstances beyond their control.

We are not expected to be perfect by any means, but we are here to try and be the best version of ourselves we can be amd each of us are in control of our own destinies. The concept religion has created (man made) is nothing more then an excuse and subsequently a trap to escape accountability and responsibility. Abusing the gift of life will be your individual demise. The great lie perpetuatd by the fallen is to be fully exposed. Those individuals aiding the fallen for power, money, popularity, etc. aka ego will fall with them and receive the same fate. It’s almost time for the great event, incorrectly but more commonly called the rapture. The last war on earth is that of spirituality. Big brother is already here.