‘We are under the impression that whenever someone inquires for an “anarchist church”, they are asking if there is a denomination or if there is some corporate building with pews and a pulpit and a baptistry and an offering plate where, once a week, they sing hymns that may or may not be about anarchy and listen to sermons that may or may not be about anarchy, and just generally all self-identify philosophically as anarchists, but do not really seek the Kingdom or love their neighbor or live in salty/bright obedience to God and perform Christ’s social and political ordinances. This is the reality of the vast majority of institutions that proudly call themselves churches. They are taking the Lord’s name in vain, by claiming to belong to him while actively doing the will of the enemy by perverting the truths of Scripture into an amalgam of palatable falsehoods that have created an innocuous, liturgical social club. When most people think of the word church, they are imagining whitewashed catacombs on just about every street corner in America.

What passes for christianity these days (and centuries past) is just as lost as what it, itself, calls “the lost”. Most of those who think they have “arrived” at the destination of Christianity are asleep and dreaming on the wrong train, headed in the opposite direction.

For instance, when one outsources their responsibility to the first greatest commandment to some sophist clergyman, their heart grows cold towards God. It does not matter if they associate with people who love the Lord their God with their “pastoral” profession and with the “tithes” of the people. The pursuit of “loving the Lord your God, with all of your heart, soul, and mind” is best exercised in your daily life, at home, as a family, learning about the deep things of God by his Spirit and word, rather than in a compartmentalized, weekly, anaerobic routine.’