With each incarnation and regeneration there is a state of evolvement as man journeys around the zodiac.

The 12 houses in Astrology are symbolic to the 12 tribes of Israel. Each entity is a symbolic Jesus being raised as a sacrificial Lamb of God.

Isis, Ra, and Elohim are thrice great (Israel) in which the hermetic philosophy of reason took form in the human collective thought (aka Thoth). They are simply, archetypes of patterns with layered meaning.

Man’s navigation as a thinking being is rooted in his internal powers. He is a ship at sea. He’s an Argonaut that navigates and networks in and with time.

The human being has cells which communicate and show him that heaven is a ‘state of mind’. When the mind, body, and Spirit are attuned with God, Is-ra-el is known.

Israel is therefore the collective truth seeker who recognizes the planets and luminaries are notable patterns of law in which to understand the internal world and connection to all there is.

What man sees with each regeneration is the reflection of the Moon, a pattern of his emotions. His haplo-group!

The moon pulls on is his inner medium of water which makes up most of his body.

Man in his wisdom understands the Sun and Moon are his vital life force. Both the moon and sun are cyclic and in man’s wisdom he quickly discovers, as above, so below is true.