I AM currently, going through the process of completely dissolving most of what I have known.

I Honor Jesus as the Door through which, the IMAGE through which… the Word, through which… I came to believe in Unconditional Love, Eternal Life, and Oneness with Source/Creator….

However, what I am now re-imagining, is EVERYTHING ELSE.

From That perspective or mindset…. in what way I view, engage, interact… with “Creation”… which has always been within the mind and heart of Love.

How do you perceive your Earth body? As an obstacle? As a problem? As a trap? As a limitation? As inanimate matter? As alive? As intelligent? As responsive? As an extension of the Earth? As a house that does noy only house the Father/Spirit… but also the Mother/Wisdom? As a blessed experience and journey? As a Temple? As a living organism? As a universe?

How do you perceive the Universe/Creation/Earth beneath your feet? Reread list from above about body….

What you decide and say, determines your experience of such…. so maybe once you make up your mind about…. “Father”…. the next thing you need to do… is make up your mind… about… the “other”.

Everything is about relationship, association, and the way we view… what we believe, is the door to what we experience.

No offense, but almost all Christians I have met, do not have the connection with their body, Earth, universe that inspire me, or reveal a true relationship, or display a Love for it that impresses…. it’s more about dominating, about doing, about forcing, or coercing… controlling…. and that is what many marriages are like as well….

I’m looking for the christ-centric ability to walk within the universe in communion with both source and his expression…. to

have relationship with the elements, animals, and the intelligent field pervading all things…. from the perspective of being One with Source/Christ….

A dance…. an embrace… a conversation