The Christian Consciousness is the Consciousness of the “Christ”, understanding Christ as the reality of the Divine presence we each carry inside. It is the consciousness of your divine essence, living inside you, waiting for you to be aware of it, reminding you that you are one with All that exists, that you are pure Consciousness, pure Love, the Being…

It is to awaken deeply the Heart, finding in its bowels something infinite, immeasurable, which helps remind the human being that he is One with the Holy Source, that Love is his true nature, and compassion his natural state of living, by being all part of the same Unique essence. This is how delivery and service is born to awaken with greater intensity this Consciousness in oneself and help its awakening in humanity.

Long ago there was talk of a second coming of this Consciousness to Earth, at this time, the end of one Era and beginning of another, and that this time would be not only through one person but through many human beings who would remember their Be and would dedicate their lives to the Service that this opening would expand on the Earth.

And so it is happening. In this time of great spiritual awakening, there are many children, young people and adults who are awakening this seed in their hearts to favor change, and others committed to waking it up when the time comes.

The second coming of Christ is a “transformation” of the human consciousness, an awakening to the essential loving and divine nature of each person within, a step to live from the mind to the heart, to the essence, to the Being.

It’s something that is happening on a large scale, perhaps because this next step globally is necessary for humanity in its evolutionary development and for the Earth. That is why it is and always was, and more so at this time, our most important individual task the disidentification with how we take in this life: physical, energetic and mental; and the practice of focusing consciousness on who we truly are and we are, our essential nature, the Being, our spiritual dimension, thus bringing this seed to planetary consciousness and humanity.