‘The notion that the Gospel means “good news” is a correct one but, on its own, this association does the connotation of “Gospel” an anachronistic disservice, for not every piece of beneficial information was or should be considered a “gospel”. Rather, gospels are inherently and historically news of political messages. To get to the point, a gospel represents an exclusive platform of political campaign promises in order to win the hearts and minds of potential constituents in order to place their faith in the authority and persons of their representative politicians. Gospels represent policy changes to be adopted by their believers, and the promise of their respective magistrates to fulfill those policies. This will be further explained shortly.

The reason that this is so important is because, without the message of an offer of citizenship for believers into an alternative Kingdom to the man-made nations of the “world“, there would be no hope for abolishing human archism in any meaningful sense of the idea. The Kingdom Now message would be a purely philosophical and intangible one of a wistful imagination that lacks any practical implication or application.’