You may think you are helping the masses sharing the news about world events (stage lies) created by the galatic criminals who do not honor life who do not understand the connection to it. One of the big secret that has been keep from us as humans is the richness and wealth that in companies emotions. We have been stirred away from exploring emotion because through emotion we can figure things out. Our emotion connects us with spiritual body existing in the multi-dimensional sphere.

These rebel angels malevolent E.Ts you call Cabal Elites Secret Society reptilian demons whatever you call it create life just to have it meet their needs they have feed off your emotions via terror war and diseases. WITHOUT WAR, WITHOUT DISEASES, WITHOUT RELIGION AND POLITICS these rebel angels cannot survive. You are the energy source of these rebel angels you feed them with your ignorance.

They keep Earth in certain vibrational frequency while they create emotional thrauma to nourish themselves sucking the energy of fear anxiety and depression of their victims. Your fear destroys the integrity of consciousness lead to the effect of splitting consciousness similar to splitting the atom with subsequent release of energy. This explains the significant of sacrifice and production of the energy of fear hate and anger provided these energy can be accumulated and given direction by pre-programming the mind of the population as they can give great strength to the Cabal own thought using energy of fear hate and anger of the masses. In other words forcing people to visualize what they need using your own psychic ability (billions of people) as giant generator. With your everyday bad news posting in your timeline you actually helping them to translate their Satanic communist NWO plan into reality. Posting their stage lies/disinformation is your own self death sentence as well as all people who read your post. Again, they have no power their power is your ignorance. Your Unity as one human race in Love is your Heaven. You are the creator and destroyer depends on your everyday language thinking and belief. There is no such thing as accident or by chance its all pre-program its all intentionally created weaponized your emotional energy against your self food for themselves at the same time.

Do not engage nor to speak of war.
Do not speak of virus and disease.
Do not speak of poverty and crisis.
Do not ever think or speak of natural disaster!
Do nor speak of death.
Do not watch TV weapon of mass ignorance
Do not watch national games or hollywood movies mental distraction.
Do not play music pertaining to drugs addiction frustration suicide sex rebellion and all other demonic sound and vibration.
Do not play religious sectarian separation hellish game.
Do not take sides political right wing or left wing.
Stop feeding them with your fear hate anger and corwardice.
Be responsible human take control of your own mind.
Rely to your own God given abilities and powers.
Let LOVE be your own govenment of your mind spirit and body.
Leave out your world of illusion..

Focus on what is truth, noble, right, and pure.

Think visualize imagine harmoneous paradistic life. Fill your mind with healthy, beautiful, lovely, adorable, admirable, excellent, humorous, and worth doing activities, play beautiful music, hugs your love ones, go out reconnect your relation to nature. Express your feelings of Love to all living being to all version of your self.