A location or land means nothing except for the sons of God who live there. Their presence in that location makes the location, site or city special. That’s why before you exalt Jerusalem above every other cities on the earth, realise that God was also working in other cities of the earth dealing with other people on the earth. Remember that He is the Sovereign Lord of the nations of the earth; He isn’t focused merely on Jerusalem and Israel rather He was focused on every nations of the earth. Just because the bible mostly records stories and historical facts relating to Israel doesn’t mean God wasn’t working with other people in other nations.

Let me explain. For God to implement His divine plans and purpose on earth, He had to start somewhere; He had to start with a person who He was going to raise to live according to His statutes and laws. His plan was to raise a righteous person who in turn will raise a righteous family. Ultimately the righteous family will raise a righteous city and nation and that person He started with was Abram from the Ur of the Chaldeans, who was a heathen. Abram wasn’t a Israelite rather he was a heathen. Yet God chose a heathen and made him the father of Isaac and grandfather of Jacob who was the father of twelve sons who became the leaders/patriarchs of the twelve tribes of Israel.

The twelve tribes of Israel was the first church in the wilderness under the leadership of Moses. God purposely blessed Jacob with twelve sons. The number twelve is figurative of God’s Kingdom government. It signify the hand (outworking) of the household (each tribe) in harmony with others under divine authority.

Twelve is the number of governmental perfection and divine authority. It follows 11, which is the disorder preceding this perfection. Twelve is figuratively speaking of a Kingdom governmental order that God will establish in the future through His corporate church globally on the earth. It wasn’t merely about the nation of Israel. It was about God’s divine plan to touch the nations of the earth. The nation of Israel has a vital role to play in the end times however Israel must subject itself under the auspices of God’s mandated Kingdom governmental leadership in this last days. Israel cannot survive as a nation in the future if it refuses to submit itself to Kingdom governmental order. Let me make it clear that the name “Israel” biblically means “God is Sovereign”. Jacob had his name changed from Jacob to Israel as he PREVAILED with God. So can Jehovah God be Sovereign Lord in Israel when the nation continues to live in sin? Yes, He will continue to be Sovereign Lord over nations including Israel however He will execute judgement over Israel. If that judgement implies destroying Israel via warfare, God will permit it to happen. This is how God saves the nation.