There are “professing” Christians around you who want God to “humble” you and would delight to see you brought down. They are fake around you and hide it with their smooth talk, but God shows you their fork tongue. They say one thing in front of you and another thing behind you to others. They are jealous of you “spiritually”.

You see things in the Spirit and God has gifted you supernaturally and they can’t stand it! God has greatly gifted you and used you. Why do they turn against you? Because your mouth EXPOSES their rebellion and carnality AGAINST the LORD.

They call you “Judgmental” because they are seething inside at you. But actually, it is Jesus they hate. The REAL Jesus. But God will deal with them in His time. They think you are prideful but actually, they are prideful. Forgive them pray for them. That’s why they have issues in their mental and spiritual lives.

They are twisted and you are healthy. Satan has deceived them. Please stay away from them until they REPENT. Even then, be careful. Cain killed his brother Abel because of this. All of Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him and threw him into the pit. Saul was jealous of King David and wanted to kill him. The stories go on and on! God shows you SUPERNATURALLY what’s going on. Stand still and see His salvation and favor in your life. Don’t be moved.

There are thousands that you haven’t met that haven’t bowed their knees to satan (baal). You are NOT alone! There are other Christians who LOVE JESUS as much as you do!