There is now little doubt about it, we are in the midst of an evolutionary revolution on a global scale.

It’s not being fought in army’s but rather by a collective of free thinking individuals who have recognised the patterns of oppression that enslaved humanity almost to the brink of its’ destruction.

Worldwide, brave souls with free thinking minds and open hearts have recognised and escaped from these fear based systems, the very existence of such completely reliant solely on the obedience of our attention and participation.

To break these invisible shackles, all that was required was for enough of us to turn our backs on those archaic institutions and ideologies.

Continuing to focus our attention on the key elements for living a joyful existence is all it will take to win this cerebral war.

Harmonious connection to our environment, our communities and that which dwells within only requires our choice to place our attention there.

Continuing to create the New Earth utilising the resources of the old while respecting the needs of our precious planet, rebuilding the villages vital for raising healthy, heart centred humans, allowing space for individual perspectives on happiness balanced with collaborative action is how we pave the path to freedom for those still trapped by cognitive dissonance.

They may not be able to grasp a concept but they can’t ignore physical evidence!
Less discussion, debate and unpacking of the old, more action towards the creation of the new.

We are the ones who came to be the change this world so desperately deserves.
Let the others of us too deep in the conformist narrative have the perception of comfort in their old world. Instead of trying save them with your words show them by your actions and build the new dream into being.