“The Holy Spirit” reminds us of who we are in “The Body of Jesus” & the overcoming life that we can live, by walking after “The Holy Spirit” each day

Satan tries to remind us, of who we were in our past & the sins that we have done in the past

In “Jesus”; we are blessed, to overcome Satan; by the power of “The Holy Spirit” in us

For “The Kingdom of God” has come in power & is within us; to help us, to live the life that is promised in the holy scriptures

We live, not in the past
In the present, with “Jesus” on the throne & Satan under our feet

Our body is “The Temple of God” that is fired up —> to shine in “The Light of God” (“Jesus”)
Our heart is “The Altar” where “The Incense” (Prayer) is offered to “God” our “Heavenly Father” continuously

If we know these truths & do practice them everyday; we are blessed, to set the earth on fire for the “Lord Jesus Christ”
Bring many souls, to “The Light of God” (“Jesus”) each day