The presence of Harmony is as mechanically explained as the presence of light and sound. Every electron in the Universe is inconstant motion, and there is no such thing as a static or immovable object manifest or unmanifest. The number of pulsations that occur each second determines the vibratory rate of the form which they compose. The very slow vibratory action of the electrons in the stone and earth and trees make them seem to the physical sight wholly immovable, but the scientific instruments of today by greatly enlarging any one of these objects find them in constant motion, fluctuation, and emitting rays of light waves called radiation.

The vibratory action of an individual is determined by the thought and feeling processes which set up pulsations of energy and conduct them through the matter of the lower bodies forming, so to speak, the pattern which the electrons in the lower bodies seek to follow in their individual expression.

As has been brought out very forcibly, the imperfect consciousness which has been imposed on these thought and feeling centers have set a pattern of light waves that vibrate at a very slow rate, and the obedient electrons have tried to abide in the pattern of those light waves and thus have slowed down the vibratory action of the entire personal self until it is little above that of the animal form.

The conscious student and chela must come to a point of realization in heart and mind and spirit that he must consciously direct the pattern of energy passing through his body, setting it at a certain speed with as much precision and accuracy as he would set the dial of the radio, the speedometer, or the control on the thermostat of their heating system.

When the energy waves from the lifestream are consciously directed into the Universe the first thing in the morning, the individual more or less sets the pattern which the energy in the obedient electrons will seek to follow through the course of the day, unless through lack of self-control he chooses to alter, by emotional outbursts, the vibratory action and as a result all the electrons within the four lower bodies are thrown into chaos and will again attempt to follow out the pattern of the individual’s new emotional release and back it up by their combined obedience and power.

Humanity accepts the value of the thermostat to so arrange the heating comforts in the home, knowing that if he sets the thermostat upon the required vibratory action of the heat needed, he will get the desired feeling of comfort, but if he sets it lower, a condition of discomfort and cold will follow.

Yet, the same man has the same authority to set the energy of his lifestream into motion consciously, preferably at the beginning of his day so that he may live within Perfection’s Flame throughout the course of the day; yet somehow people prefer to live without any control of the energy passing through them, allowing it to be moved by any passing appearance, not realizing that all the electrons in the four lower bodies, whose very beings are by nature obedient, immediately correspond to the predominant feeling and thought of the individual whose bodies they compose, and there is a very definite and determined change in the vibratory action of all the bodies with each passing emotion.

Seeing the various emotions that pass through the lifestream in the course of an hour, and realizing that every electron has had to change both its speed and quality of radiation thousands of times during the day, you will see how any permanent progress is almost impossible until the personal self-consciously sets the pattern for the electrons of his own being and then maintains it through the day’s experience.

Just exactly what do I mean by setting the pattern? The primal essence of life as it is released from the Presence into the human heart is the Directing Intelligence of the lifestream.

Every electron in the lower bodies making up the organism as well as the tissues and bones is by its very nature bound to obey the directing intelligence released through the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame within the heart.

Unless there is a definite constructive thought and feeling creating the consciousness of Perfection and directing currents of energy through the lower bodies qualified with harmonious sounds, color and tone, the electrons of the lower bodies have no conscious director and must obey the pulsations of energy released in anger, rebellion, hate and the various misqualifications.

Individuals who would advance on the spiritual path of self-control must realize that a thought pattern and a feeling pattern of constructive energy is a beam of light which is really a light wave in constant motion vibrating at a certain rate according to the quality of the thought and feeling that created it. These undulations of light energy passing through the lower bodies act like the conductor of an orchestra, and the electrons of the lower bodies begin to swing in their orbits according to the pattern set up by the individual.

Beauty, Harmony, Balance, Kindness and Peace are among the limitless legions of vibratory actions that can be set forth as the pattern of the day, just as easily as you set your own thermostat for comfortable heat. If you must repolarize your thought and feeling policy to these harmonious vibrations – do so – but when you once take control of the regulation and government of these patterns, you will experience no exhaustion of the body, no depletion of the nervous system and a great deal more poise and balance in mind, heart and spirit.