The path to Heaven, requires Hell. The path to surrender, requires suffering. The path to life… requires death.

Along the path to ascension… becoming our Higher Self actualized in physical form… requires many many many dark nights of the soul…many many many ego deaths…

We are practically always surrendering… our past, our beliefs, our mind.

Our ego thinks it knows everything… and one of the huge deaths is to know that we know nothing… there’s more to learn than we can ever imagine… and our own expectations on reality are so small and only from our past reference experiences.

The truth of our soul is within ourself and we can assess it by surrendering the mind and entering our heart space… the present moment, where everything exists, and we can only perceive that which we are the vibration of.

So what is ascension in layman’s terms? The journey from the mind to the heart… the journey from the illusion to the truth.