‘God’s government has always been dependent upon free will offerings, faith, hope and charity. Living in such a system matures the souls of men and women in the ways of God. Living in other systems makes us slothful subjects or beasts, devouring our neighbors and their children for our personal benefit. The way of the kingdom alters our thinking in the manner we relate to each other. This system of self governance designed by God brought the people together as a nation in a hostile land under the ways of God. The people were bound together in mutual service, charity, and love of God and each other.

No system can guarantee the morality of the people. It may lead men to virtue, but it cannot make men choose to do good. Liberty under God requires the daily practice of those qualities that mark the character of God, the name of God, which is Christ.

If we love God then we will seek the kingdom and His righteousness. That righteousness means that we will seek justice and mercy for our neighbor as much as ourself. We will extend to him the same freedom and liberty would want for our self by truly loving our neighbor as ourself.

The Kingdom of God at hand is a way of life. It is vastly different from what the Pharisees had come to believe concerning the prophets and the nature of God’s government. The Gospel of the kingdom is for the living. The kingdom was a way to live in the “world” but not of it. Jesus’ kingdom was not a part of the “world” of the other nations where benefactors exercised authority one over the other. The world had become like Egypt where, “Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state lives at the expense of everyone.”’