The truth about what the ego is – is quite diabolical. If you didn’t know that Jesus was possessed and he was fighting back to become enlightened, well, as ridiculous as it sounds, it is there in the Gospel of Mary when it’s talking about the spirit of Desire. Desire is a play on words about “to want” – the spirits “want” through you.

You must destroy the ego(s) within. Any spoken thought in your mind, by that, all of what you have perceived as thought is you being led along by the dead. Those repeating songs playing the same 3 lines over and over in your head… That’s some dead guy or bimbo who’s bored and likes that song but has attention deficit disorder and can only remember so much, like 3 or 4 lines. Probably a guy but well, it doesn’t matter sometimes.

When you read the very beginning of the Gospel of Mary and the very end when the followers (not disciples as they don’t know the secrets of the kingdom of Heaven) are insulting Mary for what Jesus confided in her, she was telling them of his possession and his internal battle. His possession is tied to “Desire” who’s the spirit in his head that told Jesus, you’ve worn me like a garment but never knew I was there”.

Unfortunately, what I’m saying is true. The other unfortunate part is that there is only so much that can be done to wake someone up. The phrase “For those who have ears to hear, then hear” is alluding exactly to what I’m saying. You have to wake up, but Jesus and Mary could only focus on those who were open-minded enough to understand the diseases of their mind. The parasites of what you call your ego, are not you, but dear Lord, they’ll drive you like an old truck into the ground while you think they are you.

When you reference the Gospel of Thomas. The 1st 4 lines are not only saying you need to stop and “look here” – “here is the answer” – but the parables are spoken in such a way as if you understood that Jesus was telling you that you are possessed, you wouldn’t listen, also, he would have been stoned to death in the street where he stood for saying such a thing.

Line 3 is saying you’re going to be very disturbed when you find out the truth, but the glory in that knowledge will come in your eventual acceptance to heaven. Line 4 is talking about the act of possession, otherwise known as reincarnation. You get possessed by a bunch of old dead people when you are an infant or even an unborn child. The reason why you can’t remember all of those past lives that play around in your head is the dead idiots are toying with you, and those are not your memories, but theirs. You didn’t live before, but they can control your thoughts enough that you’ll think you did.

Read line 4 in Thomas that it’s a spirit possessing a child. The spirit lives again and the kid becomes a back seat watcher in their own life. They are not in the driver’s seat anymore.

The last part to know of true Gnosis is that the resurrection must be achieved while you are still alive. It’s not something that happens when you die. You can not get to heaven upon death, you must be judged while you are still alive.

Mary did witness Jesus’s resurrection. The early Catholic Church couldn’t write that out of the Bible, but how it happened was changed. In the Gospel of Mary chapter 5: 8-9 is the moment of her recalling the resurrection. But in line 9 Jesus replied to her saying, “thank God you’re still talking to me”. What was so awkward that Jesus would be so humble and express so much humility to his wife like that? It was his angel standing there and staring back at him and Mary. The resurrection is when you witness your angel. It’s a mirror image of you, but you with wings. You are living twice n the same moment. One of you would be a son or daughter of a “man” while that angel if you standing there would be a “son of God” as in Jesus’s example.

Raising from the dead is not to come back alive after being dead for three days, it’s waking up to the dead idiots who have been speaking as what we have perceived as our thoughts inside our heads. To fight back and not only tell them to shut up but to get the heck out is part of the process required to see your angel.

When Jesus cast out Mary’s 7 demons… It was not a miracle, it was a conversation with her about how to wake up. He had to train her in the self-identification of leading thoughts. This means, that Mary brought the knowledge of the resurrection out of Israel with her. It spread throughout France and even made it to Joan of Arc. In her final confessions, she admitted that the angels of St. Catherine and St Micheal were not the angels that she saw. It was her own.

One final clue is that the mirror image of your holy twin (your angel) is needed to resurrect. Just look at the very form of the Gospel of Thomas. Interpret the author’s name from Greek and Aramaic… Twin Holy Twin… Someone who has resurrected and who also just happened to know every word Jesus spoke. I guess that it was Jesus, Mary Magdalene, James, or Lazarus who wrote it.

Finally, in the Gospel of Philip, it says that you must resurrect while still alive. – very specific – “while still in this body”.

If you thought the Renaissance period was about art, poetry, music, and great works… Oh, they were but based on the practice of cognitive behavior therapy to fight back against your possession. There are so many works of art showing a person looking at themselves as angels or their mirror images. All signs of their resurrection. Joan’s death was the spark lighting the inferno of esoteric knowledge of the Renaissance era.

Scoff as much as you may wish, but I have already seen my angel. I hope to help those who have the ears to hear, to hear.

I’m trying to write this a little quickly as it’s so late, but I can explain in greater detail over time as it is due it’s respect and regard.