This is going to be a slightly long winded and intense post….. that I want to share, it was a response to a message after being questioned during many of my posts here at The Grace Watcher Report….. I saw the comments coming in and i just looked past them because it was the most amazing conversation in the flow and i wasnt going to break the flow to engage peoples issues.

Immediately after i was tagged in a post basically saying the same things…… now heres the issue….. we probably flowed for almost many hours, literally non stop, and continuous intense fast flow….. i saw who the people were who were tuning in and watching…. they were spiritual minded people, and i saw the comments and grattitude, because of the caliber of show, and the concentration of gems and jewels being dropped without stopping….. from both sides of the convo, and it was a joy and in joy…… now at the veeeeeeery end of the 2 hours i did plug some things im doing that people can hit me up about if they are interested…..

The only reason I even am taking the time to post this, is to encourage those of you, who are having the FAITH to BREAK FREE from the 9 to 5, to STOP working for other people to survive, even if you need HELP from people in order to go through the transition….. its WORTH IT…. to follow your Heart, and find your Passion…. and lay the groundwork to ESTABLISH what will BECOME your system, creation, organization that PRODUCES WEALTH, which GENERATES time FREEDOM so you can actually FOCUS on the thinks you were BORN to DO…..

Don’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING stop you…… DO NOT LIVE for or under the oppinions of others, or you are NOT FREE…… YOU DECIDE, WHAT you are going to DO, and DO IT, and SUCCEED, KICK, FUCKING, ASS…… EXCEL…. and GET WEALTH, and BLESS PEOPLE, and HELP THEM GET FREE…. but KNOW, when THAT is your path, those who DO NOT HAVE THE FAITH to do it themself, WILL ALWAYS have something to say about it…. and THAT is the TEST (one of them) you will have to pass through if you want to succeed about your goals.

That was long already, but here is my actual response…… this whole long ass post is probably for only 2 or 3 people….. but for YOU…. its literally BREAKING YOU FREE RIGHT NOW and SOLIDIFYING IN YOU the big F U to ALL thoughts, judgements, and oppinions that want to make you DOUBT or second guess your path .

Do you get up and go to work everyday? Is it your passion? Do you think that if people could find a way to follow their passion instead of work a 9-5 thats not very satisfying that they should? And do you think if someone can help them do it, it has value? That they would gladly invest in themself, in order to transition from Job, to Calling…. and become free time wise and money wise so they can simply do what they love to do and be a blessing to others at the same time? I believe some of this….. comes from the fact, that its easy to say things, about others, if you have a pension, retirement, and cake job…… i on the other hand do not have any no pension coming , no military, no safety net, i live each and every day by faith AND I work hard to take what ive aquired from 58 years of journeying…. i walked away from 5 figures a month…. to pick up my cross and follow the spirit into the unknown, a Native American boy living in the jungles of america amongst english speaking white people….. and many other crazy ass scenarios, gave everything i own away multiple times…… to live a life, that brought me to this place of perception…. that is a blessing to many people….

people have no problem buying ciggarettes, coffee, and any number of other things…. they PAY, DAILY for shit that KILLS THEM….. but the THOUGHT nof someone PAYING or GETTING PAID, for doing something that HELPS people….. TRIGGERS them…. and then they can say, you should just do that for FREE…. which i do it FOR FREE every day, so then if i say, ok, im going to do lives every day FOR FREE to bless people, and on the side im gonna put out music (which I PAY to produce) or create a Course (that not only it took 40 years of my life to build up what i pour out so someone can SAVE A LOT OF TIME (time is money) and NOT have to get there the way i did….. OR Start a Retreat Ministry and provide transformational Adventure retreats to WORK and EARN money to take care of family and others….. and then….. THAT is a problem. I am DONE giving a SHIT, my brother, about the oppinions of other people…. straight, up. I’m being Spirit led, i know my motives and intentions….. there are people in the world making TONS of money doing DUMB ASS SHIT with it, and not helping people…. there is no reason, that same amount of money, should not be in the hands of those who have and are doing the heart work that ensures what they would do with it, is be a blessing to their human family….

LIKE the parable of the talents Jesus told, when the master left MONEY in the hands of the servants and came back to see how they managed the money, what they did with it, how they invested it….. and to those who were good stewards with the MONEY, he put them in charge of CITIES to govern. YOU may still be under the spell of this being SATANS world, im not. “Satan” tempted Jesus BEFORE the cross, and it was the temptation to be an emperor or famous, or do whatever he wanted because he could have…. but he had a role to play and mission to complete. Each person needs to know what is THEIR mission to complete. I’m not JEsus of Nazareth, I’m Paul Jones of America….. each portion of Christ is unique…. and came with a different task to complete. Mine is Music, that opens peoples eyes…..

This earth is the lords and everything in it and the whole earth including you is full of his Glory. There is no bad thing about the earth, its just a single dimension of Gods Glory….. thats why i dont get down with a lot of people and their message….. I dont believe the same way, i believe in the redemption of all things, the restoration and reconciliation of all of creation unto God, and the unification of Heaven and Earth and that this place is like a vacation and school of life. Other people can believe whatever they want…. but judging, that aint it, there free to though, if they want to go the long route of learning like i did….. to act and say Christ, Christed, Meshiach, Etc…. but still seperate and divide and call bad or evil, that which God called Good…. and Very Good…. is a trap. im gonna leave it all there hanging….. and we can talk about it another day. Im glad im getting more and more firm in me and what im doing, and not tossed back to n fro by people oppinions now. behind the scenes all the pioneers are getting closer and closer, and more entangled, collaborating, and ARE GOING TO BE more and more blessed, have businesses that prosper and bless a lot of people, and many people will sit on the sidelines judging and criticizing while they go to their jobs, buy bullshit, stick to their habits and patterns, and justify THEIR actions while always having something to say about what everyone else is doing, but theres nothing new under the sun, its always happened and always will.)