Only One Power

There are no opposites in the Kingdom of God. Fear is not the opposite of love, sickness is not the opposite of health, darkness is not the opposite of light, war is not the opposite of peace and ignorance is not the opposite of knowing. Isaiah stated that these so-called negative ‘appearances’ are just that; they are a ‘no-thing’ and ‘less than nothing’. They have no true substance. God IS, and there is nothing else. Our Father IS, and we ARE (by virtue of our union), love, health, light, peace and knowing personified, in our Oneness in/as Christ. All of the lower ‘appearances’ are mere appearances and nothing more. Paul said that ‘we are to abstain from every appearance of evil’. In other words, we are to give an appearance of evil (or, even mere external good), no power, since there is only One Power. Too often we give things a power which have no real power, and then blame God; rather than taking responsibility for giving a non-power, power, by focusing on the ‘appearance’.

The realization of these vital truths conceived, formed and birthed in our consciousness, causes that which ‘appears’ to diminish out of sight. Once we have walked in the acknowledgement of One Power, One Spirit, One Father who is Lord of all, One Body etc; even the old programming in the subconscious is rewritten and no longer sabotages what we know in our heart awareness. If our subconscious was programmed to negativity in the first 8 years of our life, those records continue to play, overriding our conscious awareness at times. However, the key is to change our awareness or, what we are conscious of, so our subconscious can naturally follow suit. We do that by embracing the truth of ‘No Opposites, One Power, One Presence, One Mind, One Spirit.

Let there be Light

Our visible bodies are made up of invisible subatomic particles that when stripped down to the essence is vibrating strings of light. Like the string of a guitar vibrates to make music, so you have been vibrating to create the visible expression that you are.

Becoming conscious of the depths of light and the revelation of origin requires a breaking down or breaking through all the layers. Particles within particles is more than a physical thing. It is the constructs of our perception being divided to reveal the mystery hidden within, Christ in you, the hope of glory.

So when you feel like you are being stripped down to the bear essentials in your life, realize you are coming to the core of who you are! Let there be light!

Be Syncredic, Like Jesus

Be syncretic, like Jesus of Nazareth, speaking your mind when the traditional mode of socialization creates in-crowd/outcast dynamics. The Incarnate Christ is reported to have attended get-togethers that the holy rollers of his day considered to be dens of inequity.

Be syncretic, like Jesus of Nazareth, refusing to let a code of etiquette dictate your beliefs, your behavior, or your associations. The Incarnate Christ was not one to prioritize secondhand theology over firsthand anthropology, which secured an organic following.

Be syncretic, like Jesus of Nazareth, freely practicing magic as you see fit, even if it may infuriate or terrify insufferable legalistic types. The Incarnate Christ shrugged off accusations of devilry offered by religious folks, so that he could eradicate others’ life-crushing ills.

Be syncretic, like Jesus of Nazareth, fostering an eclectic spiritual path, which doesn’t stunt your ethereal growth like dogma does. The Incarnate Christ heralded cosmic oneness, self-actualization, and soul ascension, but monolithic orthodoxy keeps that a secret.

Soul Wars

I think a lot of you thought I was crazy when I said the owners of this world are planning to create a new world to throw a lot of people into, AND this reality we’re living in right now is artifical, also. Lol
It’s because this has to do with the nature of this reality to begin with…energy, light, frequency, vibration, electricity.
Most of you still don’t get it after I’ve been preaching this for years.
You think this place is solid, but it isn’t.
You do realize quantum physics means a quantum computer, right?
What’s one + one?
Are you starting to understand anything yet?
Everything you see has a coded blueprint that can be read like a road map, including the birth of your existence. (Your natal chart.)
Everything is connected…it’s all coded.
It proves creation, duh, but it’s way more screwed up than any of your religious fairytales, which just “gatekeep” gullible people from the full truth.

Everything in this reality is artificial AND coded, including the entire landscape AND the sun and moon.
Your DNA is also read, transfered and even edited in the same exact way as computer code.
Water is a chemical byproduct, which it’s filled our oceans and become a permanent part of our circulating weather system, starting from evaporation to condensation to precipitation, and repeat.
The Gulf of Mexico is nothing but a giant mining quarry, which it’s CLEARLY seen when you look at the topographical scans of the ocean floor.
The Grand Canyon is also just a mining quarry on a smaller scale.
Deserts are the product of an industrial, mechanical process.
Mountains and plateaus were also molded.
There’s nowhere that hasn’t been touched by someone’s hands or machines.
The whole landscape has been molded.

We’ve always had technology, including much greater things in the past than now.
What all were they mining?
Silicon used to be the second most plentiful natural resource in the world, behind water.
What’s so special about silicon?
Not only is it a component in building computers, but it can also harbor conscious life.
We are made from carbon, which is inefficient crap for an element, because carbon is one of the most likely elements to form chemical bonds, therefore aging, disease, and degradation is inevitable.
Now, imagine being created by something as incredibly enduring as silicon…
I’m just saying…the government also claims they can transfer consciousness from one body to another…
They’ve been doing things behind our back for so many decades…maybe even centuries.
This society’s awareness is so incredibly low, I bet the truth is much stranger than fiction.
People think I’m crazy when I say nothing is actually solid and mass doesn’t exist, but I don’t know what’s so hard to comprehend about this when it’s actually science basics…
Few people here know jack-shit-anything about science and they spend the most minimal time pondering anything that their friends aren’t talking about.
You have to actually do the work, which most people will live so many decades and refuse to do any of the work.

The Bible and the English Language

What we see in Christian Tradition today is that people spend most of their ‘Bible-study’ time not studying the Bible at all! Rather, they study commentaries, what pastors say, Greek and Hebrew dictionaries and lexicons, and various translations. In other words, they spend their time just trying to figure out what God said, rather than believing that, what God said, has already been provided to them by God in the English language, and they can study that exclusively! Since all we need is to study God’s Word, which is provided in ONE English translation today, the question we must ask is, ‘Which translation is the Word of God?’ The answer to that question is the King James Version.

The Crusifixion

“The list of the deathless mortals who suffered for man that he might receive the boon of eternal life is an imposing one.

Among those connected historically or allegorically with a crucifixion are Prometheus, Adonis, Apollo, Arys, Bacchus, Buddha, Christna, Horus, Indra, Ixion, Mithras, Osiris, Pythagoras, Quetzalcoatl, Semiramis, and Jupiter. All these heroes gave their lives to the service of humanity and, with one or two exceptions, died as martyrs for the cause of human progress.

The prevalent idea that the reverence for the cross is limited to the Christian world is disproved by even the most superficial investigation of its place in religious symbolism. The early Christians used every means possible to conceal the pagan origin of their symbols, doctrines, and rituals.

Saviors unnumbered have died for the sins of man and by the hands of man, and through their deaths have interceded in heaven for the souls of their executioners. The martyrdom of the God-Man and the redemption of the world through His blood has been an essential tenet of many great religions.

Nearly all these stories can be traced to sun worship, for the glorious orb of day is the Savior who dies annually for every creature within his universe, but year after year rises again victorious from the tomb of winter.

Certain of the pagan Mysteries included in the ceremony of initiation the crucifixion of the candidate upon a cross, or the laying of his body upon a cruciform altar. Apollonius of Tyana was initiated into the Arcanum of Egypt in the Great Pyramid, where he hung upon a cross until unconscious and was then laid in the tomb (the coffer) for three days.

While unconscious, his soul was thought to pass into the realms of the immortals (the place of death) After it had vanquished death (by recognizing that life is eternal) it returned again to the body, which then rose from the coffer, after which he was hailed as a brother by the priests. This concept was, in substance, the teaching of the Mysteries.

If this be so, is the crucifixion story literal? Or is there possibly a hidden, deeper meaning that has been part of humanity’s transcendent myths and practices for eons?”

Pineal Awareness

Our Western Evangelical church at large wants nothing to do with the acknowledgment of the pineal gland which produces melatonin. That is why it is called a ‘vestige’ in the dictionary; because the church has cast it away believing it to be of no value. Why must it be brought back to our awareness? The melatonin it produces rids the body of cancer cells, balances the circadian rythum, lightens the skin and reverses the aging process, according to medical science.

The Evangelical church, instead of acknowledging these vital truths, wants to lay hands on people which renders fruit which is short-lived or, fruit which is often ‘here today and gone tomorrow’. While I am not against praying for people in this manner, we must realize that there is a higher way. Fruit that remains is manifested when we acknowledge that our bodies heal themselves as a result of realizing that our Father IS our health as us.

Psalm 139 states that we were fearfully and wonderfully made. Every part has a vital function and should not be ignored. Just as many do not want to acknowledge the pineal, in the same way they want to ignore the energy fields. Our energy fields carry life/energy/spirit/oxygen and life to every organ of our bodies. When these fields are not freely flowing it can set us up for problems and diseases. However, many refrain from such teaching, thinking it to be some weird philosophy. Well, Jesus spoke about these things, and when he said, ‘physician heal thyself’ he was referring to this very thing. It’s time that the seals be broken off of the book of life, which we are, so health, crism, anointing, spirit, life and light can flow out into the whole body unhindered. This was the experience Jacob/Israel had in Genesis 32 when he saw God face to face. His pineal was activated, which Jesus associated with the single eye and its filling of our bodies with light. Jacob’s physical life was preserved as a result, and he named the place ‘penial’ a derivative of pineal. Let’s not be blindsided simply because our particular church group doesn’t acknowledging the very things that will make us subjectively free through and through, but let us embrace them and live! #KayFairchild

Jesus in Symbol

Until you look at Jesus Christ… as a SYMBOL… you can never see the multidimensional Life he represents.

Every Symbol is an Image of something created, that also has a Name, and that Image and Name represent something FAR BEYOND THEM and that this the Image and Name point to and stand for, is a Frequency and Vibration, Unique to itself
Jesus Christ was an EXPRESSED IMAGE, a Created Form, a Name given that means Salvation of I AM and points to and represents the Omnipresent Light of Eternal Truth, and Immortal Life.

So through the Doorway of the Image and Name we can identify, find, and establish relationship with the Origen and unique Frequency and vibrational Energy and Intelligence of Divinty the jews called Yahweh Elohim… the Light that has always been… finding that Light and embodying it is Salvation from ignorance and its limiting and destructive effects.

Like a statue in your hand or painting on the wall Jesus must be rotated, looked at from every angle, meditate on every word attached to him to understand the Fullness of what he represents and reveals.

Being Born Again and Baptism

‘The Baptism of Christ was a competitive alternative to the baptism of Herod. Its offer of citizenship into the Kingdom of God required an exclusive allegiance to that kingdom and a willingness to sacrifice for one’s neighbor voluntarily rather than compel one’s neighbor to sacrifice for them through Herod’s bureaucratic socialist projects and covetous offers of benefits. This competition is the premise of the whole message of Christ, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

In fact, the image of Baptism: the washing away of an old civil obligation and putting on a new, pure one, is borrowed by other Biblical metaphors, like “being born again” “as a new creature.”…

This takes us back to the differences between the corruptible seed of the flesh and the incorruptible seed of the spirit (1 Peter 1:23) where the people were once destined to bear the image of God, but were instead born into the sin of civil bondage characterized by “the flesh”, inheriting their parents’ curses through birth certification and social security, as they inherited it from their parents “unto the third and fourth generation” which keep the people spiritually dead in their kingdoms of death. However,

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…” (1 Peter 1:3)

This notion of being “born again” and becoming a “new creature” is not just some hyper-spiritual mantra meant to make professing Christians convince themselves that they are faithful through the witchcraft of repeating Biblical phrases and rhetoric, without grounded context or practical application. The notion explicitly refers to classical Sumerian Cuneiform, to ancient Abrahamic history, of which Christ expected Nicodemus to be familiar: “Art thou a master of Israel, and knowest not these things?”’

Prayer and the Light of God

The first thing we need to know about “Prayer” is – in “Prayer”, our heart speaks to “God” our “Heavenly Father”, our mind works in “The Light of God” – “Jesus” & our body breaths in “The Holy Spirit”

For “Prayer”, is the spiritual connection of our whole spirit, soul & body (“The Temple of God”) with “God” our Heavenly Father; “Jesus” our Saviour, our Lord & our Elder Brother; “The Holy Spirit” our Comforter, our Teacher & our Breath of Life

When the basic things that are needed, are set up in our life, the priorities are marked, we learn to deny our self will & take up our cross everyday, to follow in “Jesus” footsteps
The basic thing that we need in life is “Prayer” —> to know, to do & to breath in “The Holy Spirit” each day

Let no one, come between us & “God”; for it is in “Prayer”; we walk with our Heavenly Father, by holding the hands of our Lord & Saviour “Jesus” our Elder Brother
It is in “Prayer”; we kneel down before “God” our Heavenly Father, we walk in “Jesus” our Light of Life & we stand in “The Holy Spirit” our Breath of Life

It is in “Prayer”, our “Life of Faith” began & with the “Prayer” of our Saviour & Lord “Jesus”; we began to be formed, shaped & built in The Image & Likeness of “Jesus” our Elder Brother
In “Jesus”; we walk in “Faith” ~ we walk in “Prayer” ~ we walk in “The Holy Spirit”; with “God” our Heavenly Father each day