Demonic Forces in the Earth

In my 50 years of being n the ministry, I’ve studied the Bible as much as anybody I know. But I have also studied many of the alternatives to the Bible. I’ve studied Roman Catholicism extensively. I’ve studied Freemasonry at length. I’ve studied Cabalism and Jewish esoteric teachings. I’ve studied Islam fairly thoroughly. I’ve done a cursory study of Buddhism, Hinduism and Shintoism. I’ve studied UFOlogy at length. I’ve researched Satanism, Witchcraft and Wiccan beliefs and practices. I’ve studied the global banking system, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the global elites for many hundreds of hours.

In the end, I have come to the conclusion that the world is demon possessed. Satan is the god of this world. Paul actually acknowledged that fact in 2 Corinthians 4:4. Jesus called Satan the prince of this world in John 14:30.

Most Christians underestimate the Satanic diabolical agenda that is currently crushing the entire world into despotic slavery. The Bible says that in the last days, DARKNESS would COVER THE EARTH, and GROSS DARKNESS (would cover) THE PEOPLE (Isaiah 60:2). We are in those days. Jesus said, “I must work the works of Him that sent me, WHILE IT IS DAY; THE NIGHT COMETH WHEN NO MAN CAN WORK,” John 9:4. Both these verses speak of Satan literally conquering the earth shortly before Jesus returns. In Matthew 24:22, Jesus said, “Except those days should be shortened [curtailed], NO FLESH SHOULD BE SAVED.” If THAT isn’t darkness, what is it? NO FLESH SAVED???

The world needs a savior. There are many who would like to be the savior of the world. The Pope and the Roman Catholic Church wants to control the world. The United Nations would like that role. The World Economic Forum and its director Klaus Schwab would like to control the world. The bankers would like to control the world. The politicians would like to have that role. Governments of all kinds pretend to be saviors.

But there are NO SAVIORS in the world today. NOBODY but nobody can save us from the Satanic destruction that is right now scaling to full and total dictatorship and enslavement of all of mankind.
Nobody but Jesus Christ can save the world. Nobody but Jesus Christ WILL save the world.

“Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry. Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul,” Hebrews 10:35-39.

My hope is in Christ alone. I have no other hope. NOBODY in this world gives me hope. ALL THE WORLD is evil. There is none righteous, no not one. JESUS is my Savior. And HE WILL COME and save me. “Even so, Lord Jesus, COME QUICKLY.”

The Whole Story

Imagine opening up a puzzle box that is labeled “the Word of God.” All the pieces of the puzzle in the box make one complete picture. Not exactly a crazy thing to comprehend, right? Now imagine an entity with a sinister plan to make the puzzle incomplete. What does this adversary do? He removes large sections of the puzzle so that the image that you spend your life putting together has holes in it by the end. This essentially sums up the canonization process. The Adversary uses men to confuse men. Without certain books, we miss big pieces of the contextual puzzle that makes up the whole story.

God’s Leaders are Rising Up

The future of this nation is not in the hands of our politicians. Rather it is in the hands of God who knows its ending from the beginning – and the ending will be better than the past. To bring about the better future for The Church , there is a shaking permitted by God to occur throughout the earth to destroy men’s dependence upon his worldly knowledge, ingenuity and strength.

As part of the shaking process, God will allow political, economical, social and spiritual chaos to happen so that men’s spirit is broken. When men’s spirit is broken, men will humble himself and realise his need for divine intervention. It is during moments of great disaster (political, social, spiritual and economic) that humanity seeks for spiritual intervention. When humanity seeks for answers, they will find it – “You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your hearts” – Jeremiah 29:13. God works His purposes through His men on the ground. He has raised His holy men on the ground who will be prepared to spearhead national transformation.

God will engineer his strategic, holy men so that they will be in the right places at the right time. When disaster strikes, people will start to gravitate to the strategic men that God is raising this hour for answers. God will use these strategic men to lead a divine movement for national transformation. The seeds of adversity become the breeding ground for greater spiritual breakthrough leading to national transformation. God knows how to bring humanity to its feet so that His divine plan and purpose for PNG is achieved.

The Kingdom of God is a Way of Life

‘God’s government has always been dependent upon free will offerings, faith, hope and charity. Living in such a system matures the souls of men and women in the ways of God. Living in other systems makes us slothful subjects or beasts, devouring our neighbors and their children for our personal benefit. The way of the kingdom alters our thinking in the manner we relate to each other. This system of self governance designed by God brought the people together as a nation in a hostile land under the ways of God. The people were bound together in mutual service, charity, and love of God and each other.

No system can guarantee the morality of the people. It may lead men to virtue, but it cannot make men choose to do good. Liberty under God requires the daily practice of those qualities that mark the character of God, the name of God, which is Christ.

If we love God then we will seek the kingdom and His righteousness. That righteousness means that we will seek justice and mercy for our neighbor as much as ourself. We will extend to him the same freedom and liberty would want for our self by truly loving our neighbor as ourself.

The Kingdom of God at hand is a way of life. It is vastly different from what the Pharisees had come to believe concerning the prophets and the nature of God’s government. The Gospel of the kingdom is for the living. The kingdom was a way to live in the “world” but not of it. Jesus’ kingdom was not a part of the “world” of the other nations where benefactors exercised authority one over the other. The world had become like Egypt where, “Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state lives at the expense of everyone.”’

Its Starts in Home Churches

Every day one can find how the church is failing and what must be done to fix it. Get rid of the false doctrines, false authority, false leadership and jezebel dominance. Deconstruct the institution and meet in homes..for starters.

Yet all these changes and more can be made, and often are, with no sign of a Christlike victorious church rising up as a result.

That’s because what the scripture makes clear is necessary seems to be too costly for most of us. We must give up our narcicistic bless me expectations and treat others as better than ourselves. Individualism is out since we belong to one another.

As our identity must be in Christ and his kingdom only, their is no place for identity in any worldly kingdom.

Living a life of sacrificial love is not a popular theme. And we can only love to the degree that we receive Father’s unconditional love for us. Yet it is the only way to be the church that Jesus founded. All reformation beside our own is wood, hay and stubble.

Dry Bones

‘Ezekiel was told to Prophesy upon the bones. “Prophesy” is from the word naba which is NunBeitAlef which is said to be a root word. But the Hebrew word “nob”, which is NunBeit, means high place and said to be the same as the Hebrew “nuwb” NunVavBeit meaning fruit from the verb meaning bear fruit.

Jesus said he would take the Kingdom of God from the Jews and give it to others who would bear fruit.

Jesus warns us that a tree must bear fruit or it will be cut down. And to bear fruit we must abide or live in Him according to his ways and life. We are also warned that there will be a strong delusion and many would think they follow Christ but actually are workers of iniquity becoming merchandise, curse children, becoming entangled again in the yoke of bondage.

Ezekiel was told that these bones were to come together with the breath of the Lord. Jesus would tell the disciples the same thing. In both cases God would cause sinews to come upon those bones and bring up flesh upon them and cover them with skin. Then they will live by His spirit or breath.

He is talking about the people becoming a body of living creatures who begin to bear fruit which also happened at Pentecost with the receiving of His Holy Spirit.

But life is not seen in that body at first when the bones are still separate… But only when your body comes together then He will bring breath into the whole body and that body will be alive too.
So they would not come alive even after they came together until there was a Prophesy unto the wind. After the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet, they became an exceeding great army.

These bones were the whole house of Israel whose bones were dried and their hope was lost they were scattered.’

DNA and the New Birth

Do you realize that if we have been born-again by the incorruptible seed of the word of God, we have the very DNA of Jesus in us and have become a New Creation RACE OF IMMORTALS that will rule the universe with Christ forever and ever? Your current time here on earth is training for reigning.

Apostolic Authority in a Modern World

A house of wisdom must be built on 7 pillars which speaks of a structural leadership that is complete that supports plural leadership. That completeness is achieved through the graces of the fivefold ministries. (Ephesians 4:11). God graces apostles to lead churches and in particular to lead apostolic communities.

An apostolic community comprises not only of sons who are directly connected to an Apostle in a household of faith but it also includes or should include sons of God who are connected to other fivefold ministries such as prophetic, evangelistic, teaching and pastoral graces in a nation and/or region. God graces apostles with the spiritual endowment and grace to unite various fivefold ministries and their congregation and churches. Apostles major in establishing, developing and maintaining relationships in the Body corporate.

They come FIRST in the administration of God as it relates to the setup, structuring, development and building of the corporate Church. This however does not make apostles “chief” over or better than other fivefold graces as all fivefold graces are equal in importance but they all differ in their functions. One grace is never better than the other as they are not the same and therefore have their own unique functions.

The current church structural leadership in the nation and globally where a fivefold minister uses his ministerial grace to head the church is a solo initiative and has become a House of Folly. Gone are the days of structural leadership that supports a one man or one minister leadership model.

We are entering into a new eion in the present apostolic season where God has restored the ministry of the apostle who will emerge to form a House of Wisdom which is founded on 7 pillars (Proverbs 9:1). The 7 pillars speak of a complete leadership structure encompassing the various fivefold graces in the city, nation and region. In this eion, God is using apostles to erect metaphoric gates and metaphoric walls. Apostles can be gates and walls if they have their own household of faith to administer. However they become metaphoric gates to other households of faith that are overseered by other fivefold graces.

Fivefold graces that recognize the apostolic grace of an Apostle and submit to that grace will be a pillar in the House of Wisdom. The Apostle himself is the senior elder or bishop in the House of Wisdom whereas the structural leadership that will shoulder the work and execute the functions of the ministry will be the fivefold ministries that comprise the 7 pillars.

As pillars the fivefold graces must be seen to be functional and must clearly emerge as visible lights to all men and people in the city, nation. People should see the fivefold ministry in action and in the limelight more than they see the Apostle. In fact when they see the fivefold graces in full operation of their unique spiritual giftings, then the Apostle has done his job well. Apostle works in the background, ie they groom fivefold ministries whilst the other fivefold ministries work in the Frontlines, ie they groom the lambs, the sons of God. This does not mean the other fivefold ministries should do all the work of the ministry rather it means they now shoulder the responsibility of governing the apostolic church (House of Wisdom) and apostolic community together with the apostles who are the gates and/or walls.

A house of wisdom is a well ordered house; a house established in divine order. It should mimick King Solomon’s house which was well ordered as per divine patterns and standards. Only such households of faith can draw the metaphoric Queen Shebas of this world to come to the house with gifts fitting for a king similar to what the wisemen did for Jesus when he was born in a manger.

Truth and Light

My view is the truth is the Logos (Word, Light) spoken of in John 1: 1-9 KJV, which was known anciently as Reason, or the acting and eternal Ideas, Mind, or Intelligence of God. “God is Truth, and his shadow is Light,” said Plato. Shadow in the ancient world meant body. Philo, the Jewish Platonic philosopher and contemporary of Christ, who was familiar with this saying, called the Logos the shadow of God. This helps explain what the Apostle John, who like Paul used Philo’s idea of the Logos, meant when he identified the Logos, the actual word used in the text of the Bible, as “the true Light which enlightens everyone coming into the world” ( Jn 1:1-4, 9).

Jesus spoke of us feeding upon his Father’s Light ( Jn 4:32), and when he spoke as the Logos he spoke of us feeding upon his, literally on his Body ( Jn 6:50-57; Jn 6:32-33; Matt 4:4 ). The Logos was conceived as “apportioned into an infinite number of parts in humans” (Philo: Her. 234-236), with the reasoning capacity of the human mind being a portion of the all- pervading Divine Logos. The mind itself (nous) was a special gift to humans from God and had a divine essence (from Marion Hillar’s peer reviewed article ‘On Philo’ in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

So our ability to think is a learning how to focus that Light, the Light of truth or divine omniscience. But our ego and desires interfere in the form of preferences, prejudices, bias, false narratives and attachment. Enlightenment according to the Dalai Lama is literal omniscience. This is because we no longer resist or fight against knowing the truth or seeing how things really are, and so the Light can show us what really is in its actual context.

The Light is directly experienceable, for you cannot understand this sentence without it. Anyone can verify the action of the Light in their own conscious experience. Self-knowledge is the first step because one must overcome one’s conditioned reactions and learn how to actually ask the Light a real question, not simply seek a confirmation of one’s narrative. Classic meditation such as Patanjali, Shankara, Plato, Percival and Buddha teach, is then simply learning how to prolong one’s focus of the Light until it becomes revelatory, and shows that what is necessary to approach the Light is a strong desire to know, and honesty. This is the path of Light to the Logos. There is also a path of Love, such as Jesus taught. And a path of Life which ACIM for instance teaches.

So we have access to the truth, but we must clear a way through all that we have set against it over millennia. The nature, action and function of Light is known directly and requires no belief, other than to believe that knowing the truth about anything is meaningful. What the New Testament teaches is that the Spirit enables you to know all things, even the deep things of God (1 Cor 2: 9-16 KJV). This is the Light and Love by which the worlds were made, and upon which we live ( Jn 1:1-4; Mat 4:4). This Word will not pass away, nor change like the changing translations and opinions of men. To keep that Word is Life, and the Life of God is eternal.
-Daniel Drumm

Blessed Virgin Mary

Satan hates the Blessed Virgin Mary. In fact, he has been doing everything in his power to discourage devotion to her and instill hatred for her for two millennia.
The scene is the Garden of Eden. The characters are God, the serpent, Adam and Eve. He has just deceived Eve, and through her Adam. He is proud of himself. God has appeared on the scene to clean up the mess.
God starts by addressing Satan, telling him he is going to eat dirt for the rest of his days. Then he reveals something that makes Satan cringe in horror_ his ultimate defeat will come at the hands of a woman.
And I will establish a feud between thee and the woman, between thy offspring and hers; she is to crush thy head, while thou dost lie in ambush at her heals.
The devil hates, I mean he loathes the fact that his ultimate defeat will come at the hands of a lowly handmaiden. In a way, his proud heart could handle being defeated by God himself because he’s Almighty and Omnipotent. But by being crushed by a little lady from Nazareth? The thought is almost humiliating. It drives him crazy.
Satan finds his defeat by the Virgin Mary humiliating because she is a woman. Our Blessed Lady is a human, and Satan hates humans because we have bodies, and he thinks bodies are disgusting. Satan hates being defeated by Mary: She is his replacement in heaven.
Lucifer was originally God’s finest achievement. He was more beautiful, more powerful than all other creatures that God had created. He was so gorgeous, so mighty that he really thought he could be better than God. . The defining marks of Satan are pride and envy of the Almighty.
For every ounce of pride the devil has, Mary had twice as much of humility. For every drop of hate_filled and bitter envy in Satan’s black heart, Mary’s heart is filled with twice as much as praise, worship, and love. Mary’s heart is filled with more purity and fruitfulness. His exalting of Mary in Satan’s place:”He has….. exalted the lowly.
Worst of all for Satan, his replacement in heaven is none other than the mother of the Eternal Word, Jesus Christ, whose passion and death redeemed the very humility he has worked so hard to destroy. Her ‘Yes’ to God undid the disobedience of Eve, paving the way for the saving work of the New Adam. This is Satan’s humiliation and doom.
Satan hates you. His bitter envy is to destroy God’s creation and to drag us into the abyss of hell.
But fear not, the ancient serpent is powerless against the Immaculate Virgin, she is the instrument that Jesus will use to humiliate and demolish him. Do you want to make it safely through trials, temptations and storms to our eternal home? Call on Mary, love her. Consecrate yourself totally and completely to her _for nothing that belongs to her will be lost.
Satan knows his time is running out. He is afraid and angry for he knows that he will be soon crushed by the Woman who makes his heart quake, the woman who “looks forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army with banners”.