It’s All About Truth

‘“What is truth?” Pilate asked.’ (John 18:38)

This question has aroused intense debate for millennia and does not present a simple or obvious answer. For example, modernism embraces the idea of discoverable, absolute truth, whereas postmodernism sees truth as being more subjective in which the notion of ‘absolute truth’ is largely discarded in favour of the more relativistic notion of ‘your truth’ and ‘my truth’ and so on.

For Plato, God is transcendent – the highest and most perfect being – who uses eternal forms, or archetypes, to fashion the universe. From this platonic concept we may consider that God is the centre of all being and creation and is therefore the locus of all truth, beauty, and goodness. Imperfection, or aberration, sets in the further one moves away from this central ideal, that is, moving away from the spiritual centre towards the material periphery. This encapsulates the Eastern idea of Māyā, or illusion, in which consciousness does not directly apprehend reality as it is but instead overlays it with beliefs, misperceptions, desires, and aversions, which create the appearance of the phenomenal world around us.

From the above statements we may propose that truth is reality that has been stripped away of anything that obscures its fundamental and transcendent nature. And this is a key purpose in life, that being to discover, or uncover, the ultimate transcendent truths that are otherwise obscured by the immanent appearance of the universe that contains us. But how should one go about doing this? This is where myths, especially those of the religious kind, can play a vital role in our consciousness development and the uncovering of fundamental truths about life and the universe itself.

Myths should never be interpreted literally, for all that does is to reduce the transcendent truths contained therein into rational husks that are devoid of spiritual nourishment. Myths are not created by the rational (egoic) part of the mind but are instead produced by the unconscious and transcendent aspect known as the mythopoeic. Consequently, myths speak the language of the unconscious in terms of numinous images, symbols, narratives and so on, and is therefore not suitable to literal or rational interpretation for it was never meant for such.

In closing, I would like to suggest that when reading religious myths of any kind it is best to focus on uncovering the transcendent truths they are trying to relay to us instead of getting bogged down with the literal interpretations and historical facts or fallacies contained within the narrative. For it is the nature of transcendent truths to remain unaffected by time or culture in that they are always relevant and living in the deeper psyche of mankind.

Collective Consciousness of God

Perhaps it’s silly to get upset if someone suggests that Real God could be plural in nature rather than some singular sentient being. Maybe it’s childish to defend our deities with passive-aggressive threats, which we cannot prove exist, much less are offended at all.

Perhaps polytheism is just as considerable as monotheism, if not more so, given that there’ve been countless gods touted over time. Maybe each one of us is within in his or her rights to develop one’s own theological perspective sans being censured by anyone else.

Perhaps the Great Spirit is our primordial collective consciousness waking each one of us up when it’s individually most beneficial. Maybe human beings are offshoots of our Gracious Host and its peerless transcendence, and we are maturing toward our godhood.

Perhaps we conjure up external, subconsciously ideal depictions of gods and goddesses, while denying how remarkable we truly are. Maybe organic self-education begins with our boundless musing, untethered and free-flowing, as we’re discovering eternity within us.

Creator and Creation

When you realize that the Creator brought forth a Creation…. through his partner… Lady Wisdom, who became Mother Nature…. and that all of us began in the Father as a Word/Seed… that he sent into the Womb of his Woman to have a body formed for us… but that Body is the cross we bear because it causes you to fall into a deep sleep… all of its senses and intelligence cause us to seperate from the truth and Resting at Zero Point, living from flow… and to begin thinking, thinking that we know. We get trapped in the box of beliefs we build in our heart… but mother has given many medicines, natural holy n free…. that help break you free from the Matrix of lies and begin to remember…. experience, and know… the Outside, is just a reflection…

You begin to realize just how deep the distortion n deception is… the apple 🍎 of lies we ate…. because our government told us mushrooms and cannabis are dangerous n bad… then religion because it’s based on ignorance n fear, believed them… n said “yes, and it’s EVIL AND DEMONIC!”

And because we had no knowledge of truth or real relationship with Mother and Father we believed them.
We would however defend pharmaceuticals, a government that sprays poison in the air, dumps fluoride in the water, allows companies to put poisons in the food, sell millions of dollars of alcohol n cigarettes every day…..

I’m grateful to be a part of standing up for truth, for the earth n everything in it, for medicines that are healing masses of people n is about to flood into public domain and if we were wise we would get on board early n catch the wealth transfer helping to bring down big pharm.
Everything in the Bible is about the Name/Nature of God and the Law of One.

They hid the name of God for over a thousand years so you would not come to know and contemplate the nature of God because if you knew the nature of God… and then realized the Oneness of all things you could begin to freely come into agreement 🤝 with the nature of God for yourself….

That nature is independent self generating self regulating self governing eternal power, life, and Authority……
You think if you found the Nature of Limitless Potential and the Knowledge of how to channel it from the throne in your heart… you could be controlled?
You are dangerous, we are dangerous, plant medicine is dangerous… but its too late.

We Know who we are….
Partakers in the Divine Nature!

Your Body As Knowledge

You are a physical body with complex, emotional impulses and instincts; you are also a system of nerves and data collectors that feed your consciousness and brain. Moreover, you are a collective of consciousnesses that span your entire species and time. These elements comprise your human instrument. Like most seekers, you try to understand the mysterious substance of your inmost spirit—the Wholeness Navigator—before you understand your human instrument. And even more to the point, you seek to understand the Creator and sustainer of the Wholeness Navigator before you understand your inmost spirit. You have intuited the undivided process because it is stored within you, but if you stretch the reach of your understanding it is because you seek to know the stars before you know the planet upon which you stand. And I ask you, what good is the knowledge of the stars when your home (body/planet) is misunderstood?

The knowledge of God that you seek is contained in every step of the undivided process. It is not realized in some sudden, elusive revelatory experience at the end of your journey. It is found in every step along the way.

It is recommended that you understand the soul carrier (body) before you seek to know the soul, and that you understand the soul before you seek to understand its Creator. Otherwise, if you first channel your energy into understanding the Creator, you will see it marginally, and this partial knowledge will deform your understanding of the soul carrier and the soul within it.

The human instrument is an amazing composite of miraculous connections between the material and non-physical worlds. When you understand these connections, they will guide you to your understanding of the soul within you.

Are your teachers, gurus, and those that you unfalliably follow masters of their own physical bodies? If they are not, then they are students just as you are. As we all are. They may awaken and remind you of that which you already knew, but they are not more grand or mastered in spirituality than you are.

The path to God begins in your body. You are human. This is a gift and a great honor. See yourself and your body as your greatest guru, teacher, and master.

As above so below so below as above , the grounding of this wisdom is key with any seeking endeavor. The Tree of Knowledge (metaphor) of which caused separation from God in the Garden of Eden (Earth) . For in seeking knowledge and esoteric wisdom outside of ourselves is the forbidden fruit.

For when we quit trusting the divine order of all things and the benevolent flow of the universe which is towards you at all times and we start questioning this or that we have commenced in action and the forbidden fruit for it was already flowing TO YOU. When you step into any action orientated disposition in order to create a tangible objects or anything you want , you inadvertently upset natural order of grace which is automatic and always coming to you.

So the Garden of Eden is Earth, Heaven and Hell are an emotional state of being in any moment , you don’t need to do anything as far as action all water flows towards the universal ocean which is the GODHEAD aka YOU. Return to the place and nature of Earth/Eden by doing exactly as this post suggests , fully immerse into being a human and trust in the benevolence of creator and things will FLOW TO YOU.

Just as the picture below you are a multi layered “human vessel” or instrument that has a choice point of magnetic polarity just as the earth does. Be happy with you and The Universe has the rest. It’s that simple and in trying to label and categorize is the forbidden fruit .

Watch Your Language

Many of us speak biblical separation and don’t even realize it. When you ask God to come down, come into this place or be with me…you are speaking words of separation. When you say “It wasn’t me, it was Jesus”, you are speaking separation. When you “sin” and think God has now distanced Himself from you…you think separation. When you ask Jesus to give you the mind of Christ…separation! Dare I say…even asking him to come help, come take away this thought, sin, whatever…you are speaking words, thoughts and concepts of separation!

The TRUTH is you are one with Christ and nothing can separate you! You are in Christ and He is in you fully! You already have the mind of Christ, His fullness, His Glory right now! You do not need to be rescued, fixed, filled, etc., because He’s already done that if you are in Him! You HAVE the very nature of Christ because of what He’s already done!

So…watch your language and the next time you catch yourself speaking/thinking words of separation, STOP and speak the truth of who you are in Christ and who He has ALREADY made you to be! Say things like “Thank you Jesus that we are one and you have already made me a new creation in you…Let’s do this together!” When you speak/feel separation, acknowledge it, speak the truth of identity and then ask Jesus what lie you are believing that makes you feel like that. He will take you deeper into His love and correct the misunderstanding!

Casting Spells With Words

The Deceptive Nature and Limits of Earthly Language

The names of worldly things are utterly deceptive, for they turn the heart from what is real to what is unreal. Whoever hears the word “god” thinks not of what is real but rather of what is unreal. So also with the words “father”, “son”, “holy spirit”, life, “light”, “resurrection”, “church”, and all the rest, people do not think of what is real but of what is unreal, though the words refer to what is real. The words that are heard belong to this world. Do not be deceived. If words belong to the eternal realm, they would never be pronounced in this world, nor would they designate worldly things. They would refer to what is in the eternal realm.

This has truth in it.When we study words origins, etymology, phonetics and the hidden symbols and meanings of words and languages we utter since the beginning of ‘time'(the church/Chronus), we can find and decipher occult(hidden) meanings in words we speak.Just like the saying of new testament book of John, “the Word was in the beginning, the beginning is the Word that made flesh..” Truly we are living here in this holographic false reality matrix construct we call Earth, that as per thorough research, observations, knowing the truth of the ‘heart(h)’, revealed to us the underlying motives of the alien false gods ‘controllers’ of humanity. Words are truly a spell.

(Poem) Foundation

When we look beyond ourselves,
towards the emptiness
that stretches like a black and hollow sea,
what does it portend
for the future of you and me;

If we move from the space known as me,
would we no longer be;

What foundation do we stand on;
is it something more than what comprises
the me;

Are we as a boat upon the sea,
tossed and pushed at the mercy of the sea,
or are we a part of wave energy;

If we were to fall from the ocean surface,
to the deepest fathom of the sea,
we are still in and of the sea;

Life does not neglect or abandon its children;

But the children in their playing,
make up games that are just fantasy;

And from such beginnings,
sprout the horns of dilemmas,
where sight with the real is lost,
and the made up becomes reality;

But new waves and a different shoreline appear ,
and life again reveals its beauty,
and the opportunity to be on a firm foundation
presents itself anew.

Spirit of Revelation and Knowledge

The bible was written in Hebrew (Old Testament) and the New Testament was written in Greek. If you study biblical history, you will understand that the Hebrew culture and the Hebrew people understood God in terms of the events that they encountered in their lives. They taught and understood God and His messages to them through allegorical methods. It was in their culture and this way of thinking was passed down their generation. This is why the parables and stories of Jesus are not only logical but are more importantly allegorical. This was consistent with Hebrew understanding and culture. Without having an understanding of how the Hebrew people thought and the culture in which it operated in will lead us to grossly misunderstood many truths that God wants to reveal to us.

We are living in a new eion where God is restoring truths. For truths to be restored or even for mysteries to unveil to us, it would mean going back to understanding the Hebrew culture and the context in which the bible was written. For instance in the Hebrew culture, the word “eternity” or “forever and ever” was never in their thought process and culture. They understood scriptural terms and saw them in cycles of time from one generation to the next. Each time a cycle of time (eion) occurs, the same truth was presented by God to them but was more redefined or developed, progressive in nature. This was how truth was passed down through the ages. If we understand this, we will understand how they would interpret scriptures from an allegorical perspective than we would. It was the Greeks who were advocates of logic and rational thinking. Apostle Paul evangelised the Greek world and when they became Christians, they attempted to interpret the scriptures based on their philosophical culture of reasoning and logic which was the hallmark of their culture. The fallacy of this approach is that they overlooked and grossed over many mysteries and truths in the bible because of their cultural beliefs.

But the good news is that in this last days God is raising sons of Zion who are purveyors of revelation (not reason). The Spirit of Revelation and Knowledge unveils the scriptures in a new light that the parables, allegorical meanings, symbols and stories are allegorical in nature and contain gems that will propel the corporate Church to new levels of growth and maturity.

(Poem) Holy Words

Holy words long preserved
For our walk in this world
They resound with God’s own heart
Oh, let the ancient words impart

Words of Life, words of Hope
Give us strength, help us cope
In this world, where e’er we roam
Ancient words will guide us home

Ancient words ever true
Changing me and changing you
We have come with open hearts
Oh, let the ancient words impart

Holy words of our Faith
Handed down to this age
Came to us through sacrifice
Oh heed the faithful words of Christ

Holy words long preserved
For our walk in this world
They resound with God’s own heart
Oh let the ancient words impart

Ancient words ever true
Changing me and changing you
We have come with open hearts
Oh, let the ancient words impart

From the desk of Grace Watcher Network

The Baptism of Fire

What many don’t understand is that we are living right now in the telestial world.
When christ comes again the the world is purified by a baptism of fire. This is literally the consuming of all telestial matter. Thus making the earth a terrestrial kingdom for the millennium.

If we ourselves have not recieved the baptism of fire and the baptism of the holy ghost we are thus still telestial beings. And as such we will be consumed in the fire as the earth is terrestrialized.

For when we recieve our baptism of fire and of the holy ghost we are made full blood sons and daughters of christ. Our blood is literally changed into blood of Isreal. The baptism of fire consumes the grosser telestial matter in us. And before or during this major physiological and spiritual event the natural man is lost. And we become newly born in christ. The remission of sins is not only to be forgiven but to have also had the desire to sin removed. We have then ascended to a new level. We can still sin but the type of sin changes. While we could still fall into a carnal sin, the main idea is recognizing that sin is failing to do the will of Father. So at this new level our sins are less carnal and more sins of omission by failures to act accordingly as the spirit has directed us to do something.

We do not recieve the baptism of fire and holy ghost at confirmation as a general rule.

We must seek this baptism of fire diligently and constantly till we prove ourselves faithful such that the lord pleads our case before Father so that He authorizes this ordinance.

You must have made yourself known to christ by your works.

3rd Nephi chapters 11 to 19 teach us this.
Helaman 5 is a great chapter that describes in the best detail we have in scripture what a baptism of fire and ghost experience is like.

You’d KNOW if you had that experience.
3rd Nephi 9:20 tells us how we start the journey and enter into the new and everlasting covenant. DC22 and 2nd Nephi 31 and 32 teach us in greater detail what the Doctrine of christ is and how we apply it.

The doctrine of christ is specifically entering into the new and everlasting covenant which we do between us and God individually. Then we seek by personal revelation those things the spirit requires so that we can prove to God our faithfulness.

Having faith with works is literally seeking after and acting on personal revelation.
As you re read the scriptures understanding faith this way, it unlocks the reason most if us haven’t recieved the promised blessings we read about. Because we have thought faith to mean a deeply strong held believe and trust.
But when we add in the works by revelation it is complete. Then it becomes more interactive as we will yield greater witnesses from heaven and fruits for our labors.